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# General tasks for manipulating a remote git repo. Say, with your codes in it.
dep 'dir exists as a git repo' do
requires 'git'
met? { (var(:repo) / '.git').dir? }
meet {
in_dir var(:repo), :create => true do
shell "git init"
dep 'tracking branch up-to-date' do
requires 'add remote and switch to tracking branch'
met? { in_dir(var(:repo)) {
shell "git fetch #{var(:remote)}"
shell("cat .git/refs/heads/#{var(:branch)}") == shell("cat .git/refs/remotes/#{var(:remote)}/#{var(:branch)}")
} }
meet { in_dir(var(:repo)) { shell "git merge --ff-only #{var(:remote)}/#{var(:branch)}" } }
dep 'add remote and switch to tracking branch' do
define_var :repo, :default => ".", :message => "Path to local repo"
define_var :remote, :message => "Name of remote repo"
define_var :branch, :message => "Branch to track"
met? {
in_dir(var(:repo)) {
current_branch = shell("git branch")[/^\*\W*(\w+)/, 1]
current_branch == var(:branch)
meet {
in_dir(var(:repo)) {
if shell("git branch")[/#{var(:branch)}/]
#better than this, surely?
raise "Branch #{var(:branch)} already exists!"
shell("git remote add #{var(:remote)} #{var(:remote_url)}")
shell("git fetch #{var(:remote)}")
shell("git checkout -f -b #{var(:branch)} #{var(:remote)}/#{var(:branch)}", :log => true)