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Bundle Update Buildkite Plugin

Build status MIT License

A Buildkite plugin that lets you run bundle update on Ruby projects.

If bundle update produces changes the bundle-update-plugin-changes: true key-value pair is added to the build metadata. This is helpful for triggering later build steps. See the git commit and github pull request Buildkite plugins for inspiration.


With no options, downloads the latest ruby:slim Docker image, starts it up and runs bundle update:

  - label: ":bundler: Update"
        update: true

By specifying a Docker image, you can control which image and hence which version of Ruby and Bundler will be used:

  - label: ":bundler: Update"
        update: true
        image: "ruby:2.3.7-slim"

Bundler can be further configured by setting environment variables it understands. For instance, if you need to authenticate to access a private RubyGems server at, you can set your credentials in an environment variable named BUNDLE_RUBYGEMS__EXAMPLE__COM.

(Please use a secure mechanisim for setting private credentials like the AWS S3 Secrets Buildkite Plugin.)



Instruct the plugin to run bundle update on the project.

image (optional, update only)

The Docker image to use. Checkout the official Ruby builds at Docker Hub or build your own.

Default: ruby:slim


To run the tests:

docker-compose run --rm tests

To run the Buildkite Plugin Linter:

docker-compose run --rm lint