time series graphs for build box
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Graphbox: Time-Series Graphs for Buildbox

The Stack


Clone the repo

git clone https://github.com/envato/graphbox

Change directory into the project repo

cd graphbox

Install gems

bundle install


Change directory into the project repo

cd graphbox

Obtain a Buildbox API Key from https://buildbox.io/user/settings
Obtain your Buildbox account string from the Home url of Buildbox ie https://buildbox.io/[this-part-is-your-account]
Set these values as environment variables:

export BUILDBOX_ACCOUNT=<your account>
export BUILDBOX_API_KEY=<your API key>

Start the Sinatra server

rackup config.ru

Browse to http://localhost:5555/graph/[project]/[branch] and click the Performance Time-Series button to see the graph

Browse to http://localhost:5555/data/[project]/[branch] to see the build data

Rake tasks!

Run the specs

rake spec