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Create Datadog Event Buildkite Plugin

Changelog | License (MIT) | Code of Conduct

A Buildkite plugin which reports deployments to Rollbar. It contains a command hook.


  • Reports a deployment to Rollbar
  • Supports the following features of the official GitHub deploy action as of version 2.0.0:
    • Reporting a deployment
    • Updating an existing deployment
    • Uploading source maps
  • Supports passing deploy_id between steps via a new buildkite_metadata.deploy_id setting
  • Includes a comment on the deploy, including the URL to the source Buildkite job


  # all examples assume ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN is in your environment variables

  - label: ":rollbar: simple post-deploy report"
      - envato/rollbar-deploy#v1.0.0:
          environment: production
          version: $BUILDKITE_COMMIT
          status: succeeded

  # report started, then finished later
  - label: ":rollbar: report deployment started"
      - envato/rollbar-deploy#v1.0.0:
          environment: production
          version: $BUILDKITE_COMMIT
          status: started
          local_username: $BUILDKITE_CREATOR
            deploy_id: rollbar_deploy_id
  # deploy step here...
  - label: ":rollbar: mark deployment as finished"
      - envato/rollbar-deploy#v1.0.0:
          environment: production
          version: $BUILDKITE_COMMIT
          status: succeeded
          local_username: $BUILDKITE_CREATOR
            deploy_id: rollbar_deploy_id


Environment Variables

To maintain compability with the official GitHub actions plugin, the following values are obtained from environment variables:

Required Name Description
Y ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN Credentials used to report the deployment event.
DEPLOY_ID Deploy ID used to update an existing deployment. Can be shared between steps via buildkite_metadata in plugin configuration instead. (DEPLOY_ID takes precedence)
ROLLBAR_USERNAME Username of the associated Rollbar user.

Plugin Configuration

Most values correspond to the arguments in the [Post an event API].

Required Name Description
Y environment The environment where the deploy is being done.
Y version The version being deployed.
status The status of the deploy. One of started, succeeded (default), failed or timed_out.
local_username Username of the deploying user, not associated to a Rollbar user. Alternative to setting ROLLBAR_USERNAME.
buildkite_metadata.deploy_id Metadata key used to pass a deploy ID for updates. Use the same value across multiple steps to update the existing deployment event. Ignored if the DEPLOY_ID environment variable is set.



Code of Conduct

Contributor Covenant 2.0 (see CODE_OF_CONDUCT)



This project is maintained by the Envato engineering team and funded by Envato.

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