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Tests passing Laravel v8.x Livewire v2.x PHP 8

Envault is a tool to share .env secrets.

It lets you manage and sync your entire team’s local .env files, across all your projects, so you’re all kept up to date with the latest changes.

Simply install Envault onto your own web server and you're ready to sync all your projects. 🚀

Interested? Click here to watch a demo of the app.



Envault is built on the Laravel PHP framework. This makes installation very simple.

  1. Clone this repository onto your server.
  2. Copy the .env.example to .env.
  3. Generate a new APP_KEY in your .env by running php artisan key:generate in the terminal.
  4. Ensure that the APP_URL in .env matches the address of your Envault server.
  5. Create a new database. For more details on the databases supported, please refer to the Laravel documentation. Fill out any appropriate connection details in your .env file.
  6. Run php artisan migrate to prepare your database.
  7. Configure outgoing mail from your Envault server. For more details on the mail drivers supported, please refer to the Laravel documentation. Fill out any appropriate connection details in your .env file.
  8. Set up a scheduled task to run php artisan schedule:run every minute. For more details, please refer to the Laravel documentation.
  9. Visit your Envault server URL and setup your owner account.

We also have installation guides for specific platforms like Laravel Forge and Laravel Vapor.

Update Guide

After you update Envault from this repository, please run the following commands on your server. If you're using a platform like Laravel Forge, these can be added to your deploy script:

composer install
php artisan migrate
php artisan view:cache
php artisan queue:restart


The Basics

Diving Deeper

Users and Permissions


Need Help?

🐞 If you spot a bug with Envault, please submit a detailed issue, and wait for assistance.

🤔 If you have a question or feature request, please start a new discussion.

🔐 If you discover a vulnerability within Envault, please review our security policy.