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enviroCar Android App

This is the app for the enviroCar platform. (


XFCD Mobile Data Collection and Analysis

Collecting and analyzing vehicle sensor data

enviroCar Mobile is an Android application for smartphones that can be used to collect Extended Floating Car Data (XFCD). The app communicates with an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter while the user drives. This enables read access to data from the vehicle’s engine control. The data is recorded along with the smartphone’s GPS position data.The driver can view statistics about his drives and publish his data as open data. The latter happens by uploading tracks to the enviroCar server, where the data is available under the ODbL license for further analysis and use. The data can also be viewed and analyzed via the enviroCar website. enviroCar Mobile is one of the enviroCar Citizen Science Platform’s components (

Key Technologies

  • Android
  • Java


  • Easy collection of Extended Floating Car Data
  • Optional automation of data collection and upload
  • Estimation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Publishing anonymized track data as Open Data
  • Map based visualization of track data and track statistics

Quick Start


Use the Google Play Store to install the app on your device.

We are planning to include the project into F-Droid in the near future.


This software uses the gradle build system and is optimized to work within Android Studio 1.3+. The setup of the source code should be straightforward. Just follow the Android Studio guidelines for existing projects.


The enviroCar App is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.

Recorded Parameters

Parametername Unit
Speed km/h
Mass-Air-Flow (MAF) l/s
Calculated (MAF) g/s
RPM u/min
Intake Temperature c
Intake Pressure kPa
CO2 kg/h
CO2 (GPS-based) kg/h
Consumption l/h
Consumption (GPS-based) l/h
Throttle Position %
Engine Load %
GPS Accuracy %
GPS Speed km/h
GPS Bearing deg
GPS Altitude m
GPS PDOP precision
GPS HDOP precision
GPS VDOP precision
Lambda Voltage V
Lambda Voltage ER ratio
Lambda Current A
Lambda Current ER ratio
Fuel System Loop boolean
Fuel System Status Code category
Long Term Trim 1 %
Short Term Trim 1 %


Check out the Changelog for current changes.

OBD simulator

The repository also contains a simple OBD simulator (dumb, nothing fancy) that can be used on another Android device and mock the actual car adapter.


This app is in operational use in the CITRAM - Citizen Science for Traffic Management project. Check out the enviroCar website for more information about the enviroCar project.

How to Contribute

For contributing to the enviroCar Android App, please, have a look at our Contributor Guidelines.


Here is the list of contributors to this project