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This is the of enviroCar project enviroCar-www. Great to have you here! Here are a few ways you can help!

Learn & listen

Best way to get started is to start with these:


If this list is out of date be sure to check


We have two branches:

Beta testing

Use the development website if you use enviroCar and tell us what you think, file bugs, ...

Adding new features

We just the fork & pull development model, so please go ahead and fork the repo and start working in the development branch. After you have made your changes, create a pull request for the development branch of the main repository so that the developers can discuss your changes.

Then, the changes can be merged into the development branch and feedback from the community (email on the discuss mailing list) must be requested. After a waiting period and fixing all bugs, the development branch is merged with the master branch.

Bug triage


Currently we have only two languages, but we look forward to add more - get in touch if you can contribute another language:


All documentation should go into the You have a question that is not answered there? Let us know, create an issue and tag it "question".

If you have further questions, contact

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