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Script used to generate the WikidataCon Card Game.
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The WikidataCon Card Game generator generates cards with images and Wikidata ids. You can then send them to your printer.

This project was used to generate the WikidataCon Card Game (credits).


You need PHP with the ImageMagick extension.

Put the font you want to use in the fonts folder.

Put the images you want to use in the images folder. The name of a file must be a Wikidata id (from Q, P or L namespaces), with the .png extension. Don't bother to crop or center the content of the images, as it will be done automatically.

Customize the configuration at the beginning of the generate.php file.

Run the following command:

php -f generate.php

Generated cards are available in the results folder. Files are optimized for printing (CMYK colorspace).


WikidataCon Card Game generator by Envel Le Hir

This project is available under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license:

Fonts and images provided as examples are also under CC0 license or in public domain:

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