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Rings the gong in the Envoy office every time we make a sale.



  • RPi GPIO library
  • PIGPIO library
  • Raspberry Pi (we used Adafruit Raspberry Pi Rev. B+)
  • Internet connection (wired or wireless)
  • Servo on GPIO pin 4
  • One LED on GPIO pin 22


Note: These are very loose instructions to help get you started. This guide won't cover the basics of electronic wiring, Raspbian (the Raspberry Pi flavored Linux distro), and setting up a server to send webhooks from.

  1. Install Raspbian Wheezy – I recommend using NOOBS (linked) because it's easier.
  2. Use the raspi-config menu to change the default password and set your time zone. Don't skip this step.
  3. Once at the command prompt, run apt get update and apt-get upgrade to update your base system.
  4. Run apt-get install git
  5. Clone the repo git clone
  6. sudo mv rc.local /etc/rc.local – this overwrites the default rc.local with one that runs the required scripts on boot.
  7. Install PIGPIO – this gives us a Python library to easily control the servo.
  8. easy_install web and easy_install simplejson
  9. Try running sudo python – it should return the following:

If so, your webserver is now running and listening for incoming webhooks. You can test if incoming webhooks are correctly interprereted by running the following from your machine (not the Pi):

curl -d '{"type":"charge.succeeded"}' [PI's IP ADDRESS]:8080

The LED should start blinking, and your servo should activate. will print text in the console, and output an access log to stripe.log.

  1. Restart your Pi sudo shutdown -r now
  2. When the Pi reboots, it will automatically start the network monitor (which will auto-reconnect WiFi if disconnected), pigpiod, and the server.


Rings the gong in the Envoy office every time we make a sale.




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