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[READ ONLY MIRROR] Envoy REST/proto API definitions and documentation.
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data-plane-api(CircleCI) docs: move xds protocol to rst (#6670)
This PR moves the xds protocol from md to rst.

Risk Level: Low
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Fixes #6338

Signed-off-by: Rama Chavali <>

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xds_protocol.rst docs: move xds protocol to rst (#6670) Apr 22, 2019

Data plane API

This tree hosts the configuration and APIs that drive Envoy. The APIs are also in some cases used by other proxy solutions that aim to interoperate with management systems and configuration generators that are built against this standard. Thus, we consider these a set of universal data plane APIs. See this blog post for more information on the universal data plane concept.

Repository structure

The API tree can be found at two locations:

Further API reading

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