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Cloud-native high-performance edge/middle/service proxy
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fredlas and htuch config: fix delta xDS's use of (un)subscribe fields, more explicit pr…
…otocol spec (#6545)

 realized that, with the unreliable queue implementation copied from SotW xDS, delta xDS could get into a state where Envoy thinks it has subscribed, but the server hasn't heard the subscription, with no way for either to realize the mistake. I fixed that by converting the queue setup to a cleaner "do I currently want to send a request?" with the request's (un)subscriptions only populated immediately before the request is actually sent into gRPC.

While doing that, I further realized there was a problem when a given resource was subscribed then unsubscribed (or reversed), all in between request sends. I made sure Envoy handles that sensibly, and added explicit requirements to the xDS protocol spec to ensure servers will also handle it sensibly.

Added unit tests for those fixes.

Risk Level: low
Testing: added unit tests for bugs uncovered


Signed-off-by: Fred Douglas <>
Latest commit 3abb7d0 Apr 19, 2019
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.circleci build: use clang-8 (#6534) Apr 11, 2019
.github bot: exempt label "no stalebot" for PRs (#4081) Aug 8, 2018
api config: fix delta xDS's use of (un)subscribe fields, more explicit pr… Apr 19, 2019
ci lua: align the allocated memory (#6599) Apr 16, 2019
configs build: update jinja to 2.10.1. (#6623) Apr 18, 2019
docs access log: add response code details to the access log formatter (#6626 Apr 19, 2019
examples examples: standardize docker-compose version and yaml extension (#6613) Apr 18, 2019
restarter format all python files in envoy (#5422) Dec 26, 2018
security security: blameless postmortem template. (#6553) Apr 17, 2019
source config: fix delta xDS's use of (un)subscribe fields, more explicit pr… Apr 19, 2019
support tools: check spelling in pre-push hook (#6631) Apr 18, 2019
test config: fix delta xDS's use of (un)subscribe fields, more explicit pr… Apr 19, 2019
.bazelignore ci: remove ci workspace (#6229) Apr 8, 2019
.clang-tidy tidy: Replace x.size() == 0 with x.empty() (#6511) Apr 10, 2019
.gitattributes Auto-merge the version-history file. (#3820) Jul 9, 2018
BUILD Reconcile envoyproxy/data-plane-api and envoyproxy/envoy (#3036) Apr 16, 2018
CODEOWNERS ZooKeeper proxy filter (#5991) Mar 25, 2019 Update to CNCF Code of Conduct (#1671) Sep 15, 2017 docs: update docs to recommend /retest repokitteh command (#6655) Apr 19, 2019
DCO Create DCO file (#1661) Sep 15, 2017 redis: prefixed routing (#6413) Apr 16, 2019 Making fix format more pedantic to be merciful to maintainers (#2162) Dec 6, 2017
LICENSE Normalize the licensing scheme (#737) Apr 19, 2017
NOTICE license: update NOTICE to switch to CNCF copyright (#2663) Feb 24, 2018 owners: promoting Lizan to senior maintainer! (#6374) Mar 25, 2019 docs: to sphinx docs (#6454) Apr 9, 2019 docs: updating the pull request template (#6060) Feb 26, 2019 build: add ppc build badge to README (#6629) Apr 19, 2019 docs: fix grammar errors (#3983) Jul 30, 2018 security: update distributor application example to include e-mail. (#… Mar 29, 2019 trivial fix: there are many wrong typos (#5938) Feb 13, 2019
VERSION bump to 1.11.0-dev (#6490) Apr 5, 2019
WORKSPACE ci: remove ci workspace (#6229) Apr 8, 2019 repokitteh: hide token passed to retest from trace (#5059) Nov 16, 2018

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