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As of release 1.3.0, Envoy will follow a Breaking Change Policy.

The following features have been DEPRECATED and will be removed in the specified release cycle. A logged warning is expected for each deprecated item that is in deprecation window.

Version 1.9.0 (pending)

Version 1.8.0 (Oct 4, 2018)

  • Use of the v1 API (including *.deprecated_v1 fields in the v2 API) is deprecated. See envoy-announce email.
  • Use of the legacy ratelimit.proto is deprecated, in favor of the proto defined in date-plane-api Prior to 1.8.0, Envoy can use either proto to send client requests to a ratelimit server with the use of the use_data_plane_proto boolean flag in the ratelimit configuration. However, when using the deprecated client a warning is logged.
  • Use of the --v2-config-only flag.
  • Use of both use_websocket and websocket_config in route.proto is deprecated. Please use the new upgrade_configs in the HttpConnectionManager instead.
  • Use of the integer percent field in FaultDelay and in FaultAbort is deprecated in favor of the new FractionalPercent based percentage field.
  • Setting hosts via hosts field in Cluster is deprecated. Use load_assignment instead.
  • Use of response_headers_to_* and request_headers_to_add are deprecated at the RouteAction level. Please use the configuration options at the Route level.
  • Use of runtime in RouteMatch, found in route.proto. Set the runtime_fraction field instead.
  • Use of the string user field in Authenticated in rbac.proto is deprecated in favor of the new StringMatcher based principal_name field.

Version 1.7.0 (Jun 21, 2018)

  • Admin mutations should be sent as POSTs rather than GETs. HTTP GETs will result in an error status code and will not have their intended effect. Prior to 1.7, GETs can be used for admin mutations, but a warning is logged.
  • Rate limit service configuration via the cluster_name field is deprecated. Use grpc_service instead.
  • gRPC service configuration via the cluster_names field in ApiConfigSource is deprecated. Use grpc_services instead. Prior to 1.7, a warning is logged.
  • Redis health checker configuration via the redis_health_check field in HealthCheck is deprecated. Use custom_health_check with name envoy.health_checkers.redis instead. Prior to 1.7, redis_health_check can be used, but warning is logged.
  • SAN is replaced by URI in the x-forwarded-client-cert header.
  • The endpoint field in the http health check filter is deprecated in favor of the headers field where one can specify HeaderMatch objects to match on.
  • The sni_domains field in the filter chain match was deprecated/renamed to server_names.

Version 1.6.0 (March 20, 2018)

  • CLIENT_IP header formatter is deprecated. Use DOWNSTREAM_REMOTE_ADDRESS_WITHOUT_PORT instead.
  • 'use_original_dst' field in the v2 LDS API is deprecated. Use listener filters and filter chain matching instead.
  • value and regex fields in the HeaderMatcher message is deprecated. Use the exact_match or regex_match oneof instead.

Version 1.5.0 (Dec 4, 2017)

  • The outlier detection ejections_total stats counter has been deprecated and not replaced. Monitor the individual ejections_detected_* counters for the detectors of interest, or ejections_enforced_total for the total number of ejections that actually occurred.
  • The outlier detection ejections_consecutive_5xx stats counter has been deprecated in favour of ejections_detected_consecutive_5xx and ejections_enforced_consecutive_5xx.
  • The outlier detection ejections_success_rate stats counter has been deprecated in favour of ejections_detected_success_rate and ejections_enforced_success_rate.

Version 1.4.0 (Aug 24, 2017)

  • Config option statsd_local_udp_port has been deprecated and has been replaced with statsd_udp_ip_address.
  • HttpFilterConfigFactory filter API has been deprecated in favor of NamedHttpFilterConfigFactory.
  • Config option http_codec_options has been deprecated and has been replaced with http2_settings.
  • The following log macros have been deprecated: log_trace, log_debug, conn_log, conn_log_info, conn_log_debug, conn_log_trace, stream_log, stream_log_info, stream_log_debug, stream_log_trace. For replacements, please see logger.h.
  • The connectionId() and ssl() callbacks of StreamFilterCallbacks have been deprecated and replaced with a more general connection() callback, which, when not returning a nullptr, can be used to get the connection id and SSL connection from the returned Connection object pointer.
  • The protobuf stub gRPC support via Grpc::RpcChannelImpl is now replaced with Grpc::AsyncClientImpl. This no longer uses protoc generated stubs but instead utilizes C++ template generation of the RPC stubs. Grpc::AsyncClientImpl supports streaming, in addition to the previous unary, RPCs.
  • The direction of network and HTTP filters in the configuration will be ignored from 1.4.0 and later removed from the configuration in the v2 APIs. Filter direction is now implied at the C++ type level. The type() methods on the NamedNetworkFilterConfigFactory and NamedHttpFilterConfigFactory interfaces have been removed to reflect this.