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syntax = "proto3";
package envoy.api.v2.core;
option java_outer_classname = "ConfigSourceProto";
option java_multiple_files = true;
option java_package = "io.envoyproxy.envoy.api.v2.core";
import "envoy/api/v2/core/grpc_service.proto";
import "google/protobuf/duration.proto";
import "google/protobuf/wrappers.proto";
import "validate/validate.proto";
import "gogoproto/gogo.proto";
option (gogoproto.equal_all) = true;
// [#protodoc-title: Configuration sources]
// API configuration source. This identifies the API type and cluster that Envoy
// will use to fetch an xDS API.
message ApiConfigSource {
// APIs may be fetched via either REST or gRPC.
enum ApiType {
// Ideally this would be 'reserved 0' but one can't reserve the default
// value. Instead we throw an exception if this is ever used.
UNSUPPORTED_REST_LEGACY = 0 [deprecated = true];
// REST-JSON v2 API. The `canonical JSON encoding
// <>`_ for
// the v2 protos is used.
REST = 1;
// gRPC v2 API.
GRPC = 2;
// Using the delta xDS gRPC service, i.e. DeltaDiscovery{Request,Response}
// rather than Discovery{Request,Response}. Rather than sending Envoy the entire state
// with every update, the xDS server only sends what has changed since the last update.
// DELTA_GRPC is not yet entirely implemented! Initially, only CDS is available.
// Do not use for other xDSes. TODO(fredlas) update/remove this warning when appropriate.
ApiType api_type = 1 [(validate.rules).enum.defined_only = true];
// Cluster names should be used only with REST. If > 1
// cluster is defined, clusters will be cycled through if any kind of failure
// occurs.
// .. note::
// The cluster with name ``cluster_name`` must be statically defined and its
// type must not be ``EDS``.
repeated string cluster_names = 2;
// Multiple gRPC services be provided for GRPC. If > 1 cluster is defined,
// services will be cycled through if any kind of failure occurs.
repeated GrpcService grpc_services = 4;
// For REST APIs, the delay between successive polls.
google.protobuf.Duration refresh_delay = 3 [(gogoproto.stdduration) = true];
// For REST APIs, the request timeout. If not set, a default value of 1s will be used.
google.protobuf.Duration request_timeout = 5
[(validate.rules) = 0, (gogoproto.stdduration) = true];
// For GRPC APIs, the rate limit settings. If present, discovery requests made by Envoy will be
// rate limited.
RateLimitSettings rate_limit_settings = 6;
// Aggregated Discovery Service (ADS) options. This is currently empty, but when
// set in :ref:`ConfigSource <envoy_api_msg_core.ConfigSource>` can be used to
// specify that ADS is to be used.
message AggregatedConfigSource {
// Rate Limit settings to be applied for discovery requests made by Envoy.
message RateLimitSettings {
// Maximum number of tokens to be used for rate limiting discovery request calls. If not set, a
// default value of 100 will be used.
google.protobuf.UInt32Value max_tokens = 1;
// Rate at which tokens will be filled per second. If not set, a default fill rate of 10 tokens
// per second will be used.
google.protobuf.DoubleValue fill_rate = 2 [(validate.rules) = 0.0];
// Configuration for :ref:`listeners <config_listeners>`, :ref:`clusters
// <config_cluster_manager>`, :ref:`routes
// <envoy_api_msg_RouteConfiguration>`, :ref:`endpoints
// <arch_overview_service_discovery>` etc. may either be sourced from the
// filesystem or from an xDS API source. Filesystem configs are watched with
// inotify for updates.
message ConfigSource {
oneof config_source_specifier {
option (validate.required) = true;
// Path on the filesystem to source and watch for configuration updates.
// .. note::
// The path to the source must exist at config load time.
// .. note::
// Envoy will only watch the file path for *moves.* This is because in general only moves
// are atomic. The same method of swapping files as is demonstrated in the
// :ref:`runtime documentation <config_runtime_symbolic_link_swap>` can be used here also.
string path = 1;
// API configuration source.
ApiConfigSource api_config_source = 2;
// When set, ADS will be used to fetch resources. The ADS API configuration
// source in the bootstrap configuration is used.
AggregatedConfigSource ads = 3;
// Optional initialization timeout.
// When this timeout is specified, Envoy will wait no longer than the specified time for first
// config response on this xDS subscription during the :ref:`initialization process
// <arch_overview_initialization>`. After reaching the timeout, Envoy will move to the next
// initialization phase, even if the first config is not delivered yet. The timer is activated
// when the xDS API subscription starts, and is disarmed on first config update or on error. 0
// means no timeout - Envoy will wait indefinitely for the first xDS config (unless another
// timeout applies). Default 0.
google.protobuf.Duration initial_fetch_timeout = 4;
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