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moderation and lizan Dependency: Update rules_go, Go, Python, curl, bazel-toolchains, baze…
…lisk (#7934)

Description: Update dependencies:
- rules_go 0.19.2 ([release](, [0.19.0 release notes]( The big change is that `org_golang_google_grpc` is no longer declared in `go_rules_dependencies`. In order for the API to build, changes to `WORKSPACE` outlined [here]( are required. This pollutes `WORKSPACE` with some dependencies. Open on ways to improve this.
- Go 1.12.8 (to match rules_go)
- various Python updates
- curl 7.65.3 ([changelog](
- bazel-toolchains switches to 0.28.5 release and address @lizan TODO ([changes](bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains@5a8611e...0.28.5))
- bazelisk 1.0 ([release notes](

Risk Level: Low
Testing: `./docs/`, `bazel build @envoy_api//envoy/...`, `bazel test //test/...`
Docs Changes: None required
Release Notes: None required

Signed-off-by: Michael Payne <>
Latest commit cb15cc3 Aug 16, 2019

To learn about this sandbox and for instructions on how to run it please head over to the envoy docs

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