Java implementation of an Envoy gRPC control plane
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This repository contains a Java-based implementation of an API server that implements the discovery service APIs defined in data-plane-api. It started life as a port of go-control-plane, but building an idiomatic Java implementation is prioritized over exact interface parity with the Go implementation.


  1. Java 8+
  2. Maven

Build & Test

mvn clean package

More thorough usage examples are still TODO, but there is a basic test implementation in TestMain.

Bring api up-to-date with data-plane-api

To bring this repository's protobuf files up-to-date with the source of truth protobuf files in in envoyproxy/data-plane-api, do the following:

  1. update tools/API_SHAS (instructions are in the file) and then
  2. run tools/ from the tools directory.