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Example app to be used for Code School Challenges

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Code School Challenge Instructions

Goal: Implement the css3buttons gem by following the instructions in the readme.

  1. Get NerdFactory running. You'll probably want to 'cp db/development.example.sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3' so you can have data populated in your sqlite3 database, and don't forget to 'bundle'.

  2. Install the css3buttons gem and follow the readme to get it installed in the application.

  3. Style Shopping Bag and Checkout Button so they're two pill buttons grouped together: /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb - Line 47 & 48

  4. Style the "Add to Cart" Button on show product page so it's an add button (with a plus). /app/views/products/show.html.erb - Line 21

  5. Style the remove item from cart button giving it a negative sign and style the checkout button giving it an arrow right. /app/views/cart/_cart_table.html.erb - Line 30 & 44

Good luck!

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