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Tools for people envious of nvidia's blob driver.

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envytools - Tools for people envious of nvidia's blob driver.

The canonical repo is at: Pushing
anywhere else will result in a de-facto fork!

= Contents =


 - hwdocs: plain-text documentation of the GPUs (in-sync HTML version at
 - envydis: Disassembler and assembler for various ISAs found on nvidia GPUs
 - rnn: Tools and libraries for the rules-ng-ng XML register database format
 - rnndb: rnn database of nvidia MMIO registers, FIFO methods, and memory
 - nvbios: Tools to decode the card description structures found in nvidia
 - nva: Tools to directly access the GPU registers
 - vstream: Tools to decode and encode raw video bitstreams
 - vdpow: A tool aiding in VP3 reverse engineering
 - easm: Utility code dealing with assembly language parsing & printing.
 - util: Misc utility code shared between envytools modules

= Building, installing =

Dependencies: cmake, libxml2, flex, bison, pkg-config
Optional dependencies needed by nva: libpciaccess
Optional dependencies needed by vdpow: vdpau, libx11

If your distribution has -dev or -devel packages, you'll also need ones
corresponding to the dependencies above.

On ubuntu it can be done like this:

apt-get install cmake flex libpciaccess-dev bison libx11-dev libxext-dev libxml2-dev libvdpau-dev

To build, use

 $ cmake .
 $ make

To install [which is optional], use

 $ make install

If you want to install to a non-default directory, you'll also need to pass
it as an option to cmake before building, eg.:

 $ cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr/local .

== Cmake options ==

If you don't want to compile some parts of envytools, you can pass the
following options to cmake:

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