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demmt: update help text

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commit 81d14e41dd7259f59e40df46dca400dea756558e 1 parent b109f82
Marcin Ślusarz mslusarz authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 rnn/demmt.c
6 rnn/demmt.c
@@ -1150,11 +1150,11 @@ static void usage()
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: demmt [OPTION]\n"
"Decodes binary trace files generated by Valgrind MMT. Reads standard input.\n\n"
" -m 'chipset'\tset chipset version\n"
- " -f\t\tfind possible IB(s) on >= tesla or USER on < tesla\n"
- " -n id\t\tset buffer \"id\" as IB on >= tesla or USER on < tesla\n"
+ " -f\t\tfind possible pushbuf pointers (IB / USER)\n"
+ " -n id\t\tset pushbuf pointer to \"id\"\n"
" -g\t\tprint gpu addresses\n"
" -o\t\tdump ioctl data\n"
- " -q\t\t(quiet) print only the most important data (for now only pushbufs from IB's)\n"
+ " -q\t\t(quiet) print only the most important data (pushbufs from IB / USER and disassembled code)\n"
" -a\t\tdisable shader disassembly\n"
" -c\t\tenable colors\n"
" -l file\tuse \"file\" as input\n"
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