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pstraps: SELECT/SECONDARY no longer exist on Kepler.

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koriakin committed Feb 21, 2014
1 parent 42da991 commit dcaaa65d33f168a8537532aee175202d1328f58b
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@@ -59,17 +59,17 @@ MMIO register list
.. space:: 8 nv03-pstraps 0x1000 straps readout
0x000 STRAPS0_PRIMARY nv03-pstraps-straps-primary
- 0x004 STRAPS0_SELECT nv03-pstraps-straps-select NV18:NV20,NV25:
- 0x008 STRAPS0_SECONDARY nv03-pstraps-straps-secondary NV18:NV20,NV25:
+ 0x004 STRAPS0_SELECT nv03-pstraps-straps-select NV18:NV20,NV25:NVE4
+ 0x008 STRAPS0_SECONDARY nv03-pstraps-straps-secondary NV18:NV20,NV25:NVE4
0x00c STRAPS1_PRIMARY nv03-pstraps-straps-primary NV18:NV20,NV25:
- 0x010 STRAPS1_SELECT nv03-pstraps-straps-select NV18:NV20,NV25:
- 0x014 STRAPS1_SECONDARY nv03-pstraps-straps-secondary NV18:NV20,NV25:
+ 0x010 STRAPS1_SELECT nv03-pstraps-straps-select NV18:NV20,NV25:NVE4
+ 0x014 STRAPS1_SECONDARY nv03-pstraps-straps-secondary NV18:NV20,NV25:NVE4
0x028 UNK28 nv03-pstraps-unk28 NVD9:
0x02c UNK2C nv03-pstraps-unk2c NVD9:
0x030 UNK30 nv03-pstraps-unk30 NVD9:
0x034 STRAPS2_PRIMARY nv03-pstraps-straps-primary NVD9:
- 0x038 STRAPS2_SELECT nv03-pstraps-straps-select NVD9:
- 0x03c STRAPS2_SECONDARY nv03-pstraps-straps-secondary NVD9:
+ 0x038 STRAPS2_SELECT nv03-pstraps-straps-select NVD9:NVE4
+ 0x03c STRAPS2_SECONDARY nv03-pstraps-straps-secondary NVD9:NVE4
0x040 UNK40 nv03-pstraps-unk40 NVD9:
0x200 ROM_TIMINGS nv03-prom-rom-timings NV03:NV04

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