a bus finder application for windows phone platform
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  this is a Windows Phone application,to help people find the bus path they want to go.

  Project Initiation  :   2012-12-16
  Project Member      :   enyblock gao
  Project Objective   :   Developed a Bus Finder APP for Windows phone platform.

  Project Plan :   
	1     week : Project Initiation                 2012.12.16--2012.12.22
	2-8   week : Study Windows phone development    2012.12.23--2013.02.09
	9-10  week : Software Requirement Analysis      2013.02.10--2013.02.23
	11-14 week : Software Design			2013.02.24--2013.03.23
	15-18 week : Software Implemntation             2013.03.24--2013.04.20
	19-22 week : Thesis Writting                    2013.04.21--2013.05.18

  by gaoxiang