Behat & FuelPHP Examples for RESTful testing
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Behat + FuelPHP = RESTful Happiness

This repository provides the sample code for a blog post showing how to integrate Behat testing with a FuelPHP-based instance that extends the Controller_Rest to make a RESTful interface.

Files provided:

  • A set of definitions for use with Behat to test RESTful interfaces

@ behat/features/bootstrap/FeatureContextRest.php

  • A set of example Scenarios for Behat to test the FuelPHP controller/model

@ behat/features/index.feature

  • Controller and Model for use with FuelPHP

@ fuelphp/classes/controller/user.php

@ fuelphp/classes/model/User.php

This assumes you have (or know how to set up) a FuelPHP instance installed where the Behat testing can access it (HTTP requests)

To Use

  • Copy the FeatureContextRest.php file somewhere when you can include it in your FeatureContext.php file
  • Make your FeatureContext class extend the new REST context: class FeatureContext etends FeatureContextRest {
  • Copy over the model/controller classes to the FuelPHP instance in your app folder
  • Update the behat.yml file with the base_url setting for your test host URL

@author Chris Cornutt

@license MIT