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## -----------------------
CodeIgniter ORMish models
## -----------------------
I'm sure there's loads of people out there that've done this before, but
this evolved out of some playing I was doing with the (
project. The "models" for it are basically glorified libraries of methods, so
I figured I could come up with something better that wasn't too complicated.
The result is this model system in these four files:
# MY_Loader.php
This is a custom loader that extends the built-in loader with the new "model_obj"
method to load in our custom model objects. To use, drop in your /libraries directory
# Base.php
This is the base model that holds interfaces to the most common ORMish calls - create,
delete, find. All of the other models extend it to get its features.
# Event.php
This is an example model - it's used on the "events" table. You can see how to define
the column mappings and table name. There's a fun thing in here too...the ORM keys.
Think of these as accessible links to other tables. Rather than having to run more than one
query by hand and combine the results, let the ORM do it for you. You'll see examples of
this in the sample.php controller where the $filters are used
# sample.php
This is the sample controller with a few different examples of how to use the objects to
find, create and delete. (Update's still in the works). It shows the use of the standard
"find" calls as well as the dynamic "findBy[column name]"
author: Chris Cornutt <>