JobTrack : A Sample Job Tracking App with FuelPHP + Backbone.js
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The JobTrack application is intended as a learning platform for the integration of FuelPHP, a PHP backend, and the Backbone.js Javascript framework.

My goal with the project is not to neccesarily make a fully-functioning application, but rather to learn about the challenges associated with integration a RESTful API backend into Backbone.

The functionality of the system includes:

  • Being able to store position information
  • Storing Applicant information
  • Storing Position information
  • Tagging on both Positions and Applicants
  • Linking Positons and Applicants by tags
  • Viewing lists of the most recent Applicants and Positions added

Technologies used:


  1. Unpack the files into your document root
  2. Create a database to use and run the app/config/init.sql to create the tables
  3. Load the app!

Default Database settings:

user: jobtrack

pwd: jt42

db name: jobtrack

(this information can be changed in app/config/db.php)

@author Chris Cornutt