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843af74 @DragonBe adding .buildpath to git ignore file
DragonBe authored
1 .buildpath
fdcebe5 @bradley-holt Ignore Eclipse .cache directory
bradley-holt authored
2 .cache
83b01ac @bradley-holt Ignore Eclipse files
bradley-holt authored
3 .project
4 .settings
1972102 @magicmonkey Added phing build file to attempt to automate the test running
magicmonkey authored
5 build/
8735a70 changes to add talk to provide a dropdown for dates rather than for year...
BinaryKitten authored
6 nbproject/
89a9298 @jaytaph Added more files to gitignore
jaytaph authored
7 *.kpf
8 .idea
5a7d765 @magicmonkey Ignoring image uploads from source control
magicmonkey authored
9 src/inc/img/event_icons/
3137cac adding vagrant and puppet for development server provisioning
Martin Moscosa authored
10 .DS_Store
11 .vagrant
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