A command-line script to pull the latest issues list from github and cache it locally
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Here's how to use this easy little script

  1. Change the properties at the top of the file to the repo/user you want to fetch
  2. Change the location for the PHP binary to match your system
  3. Be sure the $_file path can be written to (or change it)

What it does

The script connects to the Github API and pulls down the entire issues list in a json format. It then caches this whole result where the file path points to and all following commands use this cached copy for their queries.

The time to live for the file refresh is two days (by default) from the creation of the cache file.

Multi-list support: You can now also pull down issues from multiple repos and store them locally like this:

./gh-issues --repo=user/reponame

This will override your defaults and request a different list. This will be stored in a different cache file.


Calling ./gh-issues by itself will list the issues from your default repo.

./gh-issues --display=detail --id=53 -- show details of issue 53 and all comments.

./gh-issues --display=comments --id=53 -- show only comments of issue 53.

Future Ideas

  1. Allow comment updates, pushed when script next connects to github
  2. Create new comments/issues