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Fixed a typo. Specified the PHP language when showing examples. Fixed…

… a php error (see line 121 of
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commit 6dd547496576b42fa30edd9bc871090c901ca63b 1 parent 1c3b23e
@bheesham bheesham authored
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@@ -110,15 +110,15 @@ $app->get('/foo([0-9]+)', function($matches) {
Shield will try to match exact routes first, but then fall back on the regex routing checks. In th eabove example
we're matching a route like `/foo123`. You'll notice that the first argument for the method is the routing matches as
-pulled from the [preg_match]( PHP method. You can use whaever preg-based expression you
+pulled from the [preg_match]( PHP method. You can use whatever preg-based expression you
want to use and have the values returned to you in the `$matches` value. So:
include_once '../Shield/Shield.php';
$app = new Shield\Shield();
-$app>get('/foo([0-9]+)', function($matches){
+$app->get('/foo([0-9]+)', function($matches){
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