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Chris Cornutt enygma


@phpmentoring @psecio
  • 79cd62f
    updating, adding more content to the propauth article
  • @enygma 525a300
    Adding the PropAuth library tutorial
How to log user out?
enygma commented on issue psecio/gatekeeper#28

Closing this topic out due to inactivity.

enygma commented on pull request gorkalaucirica/HipchatAPIv2Client#22

Hey, would it be possible to drop a point release that includes this? We're using the library internally and hooking it to a version would be excel…

enygma created tag 0.7.2 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 18f3972
    Adding the subject as an additional value, mostly for closure tests
enygma created tag 0.7.1 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 8e68799
    Fixing bug, missing semicolon
enygma created tag 0.7 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 96a9c8a
    Updating closure handling to no longer require the additional options…
enygma created tag 0.6.1 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 177a72f
    actually making the instance method statis
enygma created tag 0.6 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 636f29c
    Adding more docblocks and "instance" methods to the other objects
  • @enygma 8152925
    updating formatting and info in the README
enygma created tag 0.5 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 0c833a3
    Adding docs for the policy set handling and allows/denies methods
enygma created tag 0.4 at psecio/propauth
  • @enygma 5173ba4
    Adding closure handling via "can" and "cannot" directives
enygma created tag 3.6.3 at psecio/iniscan
  • @enygma be6ee7d
    Adding check for the session cookie name change recommendation, added…
enygma created tag 3.6.2 at psecio/iniscan
enygma created tag 1.5 at psecio/versionscan
  • @enygma 3d952f6
    updating the checks.json with lots of new info and versions
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