Code for controlling a Philips Hue lightbulb using a Logitech Touchpad
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Simple hacks for controlling a Philips Hue lightbulb using a Logitech Touchpad.

Relies on isaackelly's python-hue.

For more details see my blog post and a video of this in action.

Two tools are included: and

For both of them, you will need to update paths and replace the API key in the file. For example, replace:

    h.station_ip = ""  # Your base station IP
    h.client_identifier = 'ffff__put_station_id_here_ffff'  # put your client identifier / auth token here

with the relevant hostname or IP address of your hue hub as well as the station identifier. You will also need to make sure sys.path includes the python-hue library, so update this as needed:


You will also want to update the lightsets to cover your lights.

This is a command-line tool for controlling the lights. For example:

  • "hue on" turns on lights
  • "hue redshift" can be run from a crontab to adjust the color temperature of lights turned on

This reads events from the touchpad and controls the lights based on button pushes and gestures.