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Enyim Memcached Version History


  • Fixed the CAS handling of Append and Prepend
  • Multigets now honor the receive timeout

Version 2.10

  • Fixed Issue #65 - Getting multiple keys twice in a row fails.

Version 2.9

  • Fixed Issue #48 - Allow the socket pool use maxPoolSize number of sockets instead of (max - min).
  • Fixed the ObjectDisposedException coming from the DefaultNodeLocator.
  • Multi-get now uses IOCP instead of threads from the ThreadPool. Performance should be the comparable or better (depending on the amount of items and size).
  • New DataContractSerializer to enable caching of EntityFramework or LINQ to SQl entitites. See also Issue #54.
  • Items should always be hashed to the same node when using the KetamaNodeLocator. (5fb9bfefb5bf1d9b5849)
  • CasResult now contains the status code of Set/Add/Replace operations. (b8cb1639d600dbca6950)
  • Expirations specified in TimeSpans are not limited to 30 days.

Version 2.8

  • Performance monitoring support. The included DefaultPerformanceMonitor will use Windows performance counters. See the wiki about configuring this feature.
  • Fixed a race condition in the InterlockedQueue. See Bug #36. Thanks to danp60.
  • Now it's possible to change the timeout for acquiring a socket from a full pool. This can help reduce the impact of a dead node on yor application. See the memached/socketPool element on the wiki.
  • Fixed Issue #37 - NLogFactory class name incorrect.
  • Added some workarounds for undisposed clients blocking IIS application pool recycles causing 100% CPU spikes.

Version 2.7

  • Removed log4net from the project and made the log provider configurable. See
  • Fixed the config section to default to the Binary protocol. (The MemcachedClientConfiguration was already doing this for some time.)
  • The client no longer checks if objects are larger than 1MB, but lets the server sort it out.
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