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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<sectionGroup name="">
<section name="memcached" type="Enyim.Caching.Configuration.MemcachedClientSection, Enyim.Caching" />
Please read the documentation first:
Use this section as a template if you're connecting to regular memcached servers.
Note: you must have the section if you're using the parameterless constructor of EnyimMemcachedClient.
<!-- you can use protocol="Text" if your memcached is < 1.3 but you should probably upgrade -->
<!-- make sure you use the same ordering of nodes in every configuration you have -->
<add address="" port="20002" />
<add address="" port="20004" />
<add address="" port="20006" />
<add address="" port="20008" />
<!-- It's not recommended to use timeouts lower than 1-2sec.
<socketPool connectionTimeout="00:00:10" deadTimeout="00:00:10" />
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