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HI, I'm using a very old version of your library (my last commit that I made, and shared with you was f977937 ) and am looking to upgrade as I just recently fell over an inconsistency between Enyim & spy.memcached. I notice now you've added a new 'KetamaNodeLocator' that professes to be compatible with 'spymemcached' (whereas I've been using the original DefaultNodeLocator with some customisation to the Java side to more closely align the two clients!

I'm looking to move to using outta-the-box implementations of both clients, but an internal issue I've just had raised against me caused by some code that still appears present in the very latest version :)

The logic at is such that if a key's hash is smaller than the minimum of all the known hashes then the server with the highest key will be used. ( I can see that htis code is being used back at my version, but am struggling to get the signing working to test at the latest version, although the code is still present)

This is not wrong per as it does not specify what to do in this situation! HOWEVER spy.memcached takes the exact opposite approach:

Where if any results are returning (including where those results are the set of all nodes) then the first server key will be used. 'Fixing' the java client is actually easier as that conditional statement could be :

if(tailMap.isEmpty()) {
} else {
  if( tailMap.size() == ketamaNodes.size() ) {
    hash= tailMap.lastKey();
  }  else {
    hash= tailMap.firstKey();


But if you're aiming for compatibility with that library (and if this is still a problem, I'm struggling to build the latest version of this library atm!) then it might be something to consider fixing [if you agree it is a problem I'll sort out a pull request for you!]

For me, if I use the following server addresses: and and try to locate the node for the key 'all-actioningMapEntries_ns_key' these two clients return different nodes.

See: for my related question on the spy.memcached library.

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