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Hello all,

I found out that earlier versions (i.e. 1.2) of enyim implement session state provider
and I wonder if the same goes for versions 2.7 or 2.8 ?

In ASP.NET MVC custom provider must implement ITempDataProvider interface and I wonder again how enyim treat it or plan to treat it




i never implemented any session provider, so i can comment on that.

OTOH i made an experimental session provider, whihc can be downloaded from here

however this only works reliably with membase (and with membase buckets) + currently the project is unsupported. (but i do accept patches.)


Thanks for the reply :)

Is there a probelm in implemeting this to the memcached good old slots ? :)

I'm starting to develop a new ASP.NET MVC project and I want to use distibute cache as the caching layer, hence I need to implement provider to the enyim client version 2.8 am I wrong ?

Thanks again,



problem is that memcached is not persistent, so it's possible that your session data gets removed from the cache earlier than your session should expire

so, it works with memcached, but there are no guarantees on the data availabilty

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