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COM Interop Wrapper Client for Membase


You need to use regasm to register the assemblies before you can use them. See the included r.cmd, but essentially this is what you have to do:

gacutil /i Enyim.Caching.dll
gacutil /i Membase.dll
gacutil /i Membase.Interop.dll

regasm /verbose Membase.Interop.dll

If you are upgrading from a previous version you need to unregister the assemblies first:

gacutil /u Enyim.Caching
gacutil /u Membase
gacutil /u Membase.Interop

regasm /unregister Membase.Interop.dll

(Usually the regasm /codebase works too, and this way we can avoid the whole GAC un/registering hassle, but you need to test it in your environment first, because it does COM registration a bit differently.)


Clients are created by either the MemcachedClientWrapperFactory or MembaseClientWrapperFactory.

' memcached client factory
dim mcf
set mcf = CreateObject("Enyim.Caching.Interop.MemcachedClientFactory")

' membase client factory
dim mbf
set mbf = CreateObject("Membase.Interop.MembaseClientFactory")

The factories only support config file based client creation. The config files are the same as the app/web.config used by the client. See a sample in the Sample folder; documentation is available at the client's wiki.

dim client
set client = mcf.Create("C:\asp\configs\memcached.config")

The Membase client factory has a second constructor which can be used to create clients for different buckets, while still using the same configuration file.

' connect to the default bucket
set client = mbf.Create("C:\asp\configs\membase.config")

' connect to the userdata bucket
set client = mbf.Create("C:\asp\configs\membase.config", "userdata", "userdatapassword")

All factories return an object implementing the IMemcachedClientWrapper interface.

You can enable debug logging by calling the SetLogPath method of the factories.

' enable logging. make sure the directory exists.

' disable logging by passing Null or an empty string

Note: logging settings are global, so all clients you created will log (or not) no matter if they were instantiated before or after you specified the path.