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-- Upgrading to Dwoo v1.0.0beta
1. Dwoo classes loading
While everything was previously included by Dwoo.php, this version introduces
an autoload function (dwooAutoload) that handles this automatically. This
means your choices are now :
a) change your : include 'path/to/Dwoo.php';
into : include 'path/to/dwooAutoload.php';
this is the recommended setting, especially during development, so that if you
are seeing a Dwoo error and want to report a bug, you get proper line numbers
with the error and not just "error in Dwoo.compiled.php at line 2"
b) use the compiled version of Dwoo, this is "experimental" and seems to provide better
performances mostly under windows, with a linux server it might imrpove performances
slightly if you have an opcode cache (APC, xcache, ..) :
include 'path/to/Dwoo.compiled.php';
c) load Dwoo classes yourself somehow, as part of your autoload function or
whatever suits you best
-- Upgrading to Dwoo v0.9.2
1. Block plugins
This version introduced a backward compatibility break with block plugins, this
was needed to allow compile-time access to the block's (parsed) content, be
very careful if you manipulate this content since it is php code and should remain
so if you don't want syntax errors (which are fatal) during template run.
Error message :
Strict Standards: Declaration of Dwoo_Plugin_*::postProcessing() should be compatible with that of Dwoo_Block_Plugin::postProcessing()
Solution :
* Change your block plugins postProcessing method declaration to the following :
public static function postProcessing(Dwoo_Compiler $compiler, array $params, $prepend, $append, $content)
* Then add "$content" to the beginning of your return value, or modify it if required
2. Strip modifier
The strip modifier had the same name as the strip block, this worked when the block
was hard coded within the compiler, but with the API change (see above) I was able
to move it to a plugin. Since both plugins don't have the same purpose, there was
a real problem and I had to rename it. The renaming will be handled by the smarty compatibility
layer, but if you used it without smarty compatibility, you should edit your templates.
If you used those before, you will now get an exception when loading Dwoo. This is done
on purpose to help people to make the transition to the new method of doing it :
$dwoo = new Dwoo('myCompileDir', 'myCacheDir');