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# More info at [](
# Copyright (c) 2012, Matias Meno
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
# of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
# in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
# to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
# copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
# furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
# The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
# all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
noop = ->
# The Emitter class provides the ability to call `.on()` on Dropzone to listen
# to events.
# It is strongly based on component's emitter class, and I removed the
# functionality because of the dependency hell with different frameworks.
class Emitter
# Add an event listener for given event
addEventListener: @::on
on: (event, fn) ->
@_callbacks = @_callbacks || {}
# Create namespace for this event
@_callbacks[event] = [] unless @_callbacks[event]
@_callbacks[event].push fn
return @
emit: (event, args...) ->
@_callbacks = @_callbacks || {}
callbacks = @_callbacks[event]
if callbacks
callback.apply @, args for callback in callbacks
return @
# Remove event listener for given event. If fn is not provided, all event
# listeners for that event will be removed. If neither is provided, all
# event listeners will be removed.
removeListener: @::off
removeAllListeners: @::off
removeEventListener: @::off
off: (event, fn) ->
if !@_callbacks || arguments.length == 0
@_callbacks = {}
return @
# specific event
callbacks = @_callbacks[event]
return @ unless callbacks
# remove all handlers
if arguments.length == 1
delete @_callbacks[event]
return @
# remove specific handler
for callback, i in callbacks
if callback == fn
callbacks.splice i, 1
return @
class Dropzone extends Emitter
# Exposing the emitter class, mainly for tests
Emitter: Emitter
This is a list of all available events you can register on a dropzone object.
You can register an event handler like this:
dropzone.on("dragEnter", function() { });
events: [
url: null
method: "post"
withCredentials: no
timeout: 30000 # timeout in milliseconds
parallelUploads: 2
uploadMultiple: no # Whether to send multiple files in one request.
maxFilesize: 256 # in MB
paramName: "file" # The name of the file param that gets transferred.
createImageThumbnails: true
maxThumbnailFilesize: 10 # in MB. When the filename exceeds this limit, the thumbnail will not be generated.
thumbnailWidth: 120
thumbnailHeight: 120
# The base that is used to calculate the filesize. You can change this to
# 1024 if you would rather display kibibytes, mebibytes, etc...
# 1024 is technically incorrect,
# because `1024 bytes` are `1 kibibyte` not `1 kilobyte`.
# You can change this to `1024` if you don't care about validity.
filesizeBase: 1000
# Can be used to limit the maximum number of files that will be handled
# by this Dropzone
maxFiles: null
# Can be an object of additional parameters to transfer to the server.
# This is the same as adding hidden input fields in the form element.
params: { }
# If true, the dropzone will present a file selector when clicked.
clickable: yes
# Whether hidden files in directories should be ignored.
ignoreHiddenFiles: yes
# You can set accepted mime types here.
# The default implementation of the `accept()` function will check this
# property, and if the Dropzone is clickable this will be used as
# `accept` attribute.
# This is a comma separated list of mime types or extensions. E.g.:
# audio/*,video/*,image/png,.pdf
# See
# for a reference.
acceptedFiles: null
# @deprecated
# Use acceptedFiles instead.
acceptedMimeTypes: null
# If false, files will be added to the queue but the queue will not be
# processed automatically.
# This can be useful if you need some additional user input before sending
# files (or if you want want all files sent at once).
# If you're ready to send the file simply call myDropzone.processQueue()
autoProcessQueue: on
# If false, files added to the dropzone will not be queued by default.
# You'll have to call `enqueueFile(file)` manually.
autoQueue: on
# If true, Dropzone will add a link to each file preview to cancel/remove
# the upload.
# See dictCancelUpload and dictRemoveFile to use different words.
addRemoveLinks: no
# A CSS selector or HTML element for the file previews container.
# If null, the dropzone element itself will be used.
# If false, previews won't be rendered.
previewsContainer: null
# Selector for hidden input container
hiddenInputContainer: "body"
# If null, no capture type will be specified
# If camera, mobile devices will skip the file selection and choose camera
# If microphone, mobile devices will skip the file selection and choose the microphone
# If camcorder, mobile devices will skip the file selection and choose the camera in video mode
# On apple devices multiple must be set to false. AcceptedFiles may need to
# be set to an appropriate mime type (e.g. "image/*", "audio/*", or "video/*").
capture: null
# Before the file is appended to the formData, the function _renameFilename is performed for, file
# which executes the function defined in renameFilename
renameFilename: null
# Dictionary
# The text used before any files are dropped
dictDefaultMessage: "Drop files here to upload"
# The text that replaces the default message text it the browser is not supported
dictFallbackMessage: "Your browser does not support drag'n'drop file uploads."
# The text that will be added before the fallback form
# If null, no text will be added at all.
dictFallbackText: "Please use the fallback form below to upload your files like in the olden days."
# If the filesize is too big.
dictFileTooBig: "File is too big ({{filesize}}MiB). Max filesize: {{maxFilesize}}MiB."
# If the file doesn't match the file type.
dictInvalidFileType: "You can't upload files of this type."
# If the server response was invalid.
dictResponseError: "Server responded with {{statusCode}} code."
# If used, the text to be used for the cancel upload link.
dictCancelUpload: "Cancel upload"
# If used, the text to be used for confirmation when cancelling upload.
dictCancelUploadConfirmation: "Are you sure you want to cancel this upload?"
# If used, the text to be used to remove a file.
dictRemoveFile: "Remove file"
# If this is not null, then the user will be prompted before removing a file.
dictRemoveFileConfirmation: null
# Displayed when the maxFiles have been exceeded
# You can use {{maxFiles}} here, which will be replaced by the option.
dictMaxFilesExceeded: "You can not upload any more files."
# If `done()` is called without argument the file is accepted
# If you call it with an error message, the file is rejected
# (This allows for asynchronous validation).
accept: (file, done) -> done()
# Called when dropzone initialized
# You can add event listeners here
init: -> noop
# Used to debug dropzone and force the fallback form.
forceFallback: off
# Called when the browser does not support drag and drop
fallback: ->
# This code should pass in IE7... :(
@element.className = "#{@element.className} dz-browser-not-supported"
for child in @element.getElementsByTagName "div"
if /(^| )dz-message($| )/.test child.className
messageElement = child
child.className = "dz-message" # Removes the 'dz-default' class
unless messageElement
messageElement = Dropzone.createElement """<div class="dz-message"><span></span></div>"""
@element.appendChild messageElement
span = messageElement.getElementsByTagName("span")[0]
if span
if span.textContent?
span.textContent = @options.dictFallbackMessage
else if span.innerText?
span.innerText = @options.dictFallbackMessage
@element.appendChild @getFallbackForm()
# Gets called to calculate the thumbnail dimensions.
# You can use file.width, file.height, options.thumbnailWidth and
# options.thumbnailHeight to calculate the dimensions.
# The dimensions are going to be used like this:
# var info =, file);
# ctx.drawImage(img, info.srcX, info.srcY, info.srcWidth, info.srcHeight, info.trgX, info.trgY, info.trgWidth, info.trgHeight);
# srcX, srcy, trgX and trgY can be omitted (in which case 0 is assumed).
# trgWidth and trgHeight can be omitted (in which case the options.thumbnailWidth / options.thumbnailHeight are used)
resize: (file) ->
info =
srcX: 0
srcY: 0
srcWidth: file.width
srcHeight: file.height
srcRatio = file.width / file.height
info.optWidth = @options.thumbnailWidth
info.optHeight = @options.thumbnailHeight
# automatically calculate dimensions if not specified
if !info.optWidth? and !info.optHeight?
info.optWidth = info.srcWidth
info.optHeight = info.srcHeight
else if !info.optWidth?
info.optWidth = srcRatio * info.optHeight
else if !info.optHeight?
info.optHeight = (1/srcRatio) * info.optWidth
trgRatio = info.optWidth / info.optHeight
if file.height < info.optHeight or file.width < info.optWidth
# This image is smaller than the canvas
info.trgHeight = info.srcHeight
info.trgWidth = info.srcWidth
# Image is bigger and needs rescaling
if srcRatio > trgRatio
info.srcHeight = file.height
info.srcWidth = info.srcHeight * trgRatio
info.srcWidth = file.width
info.srcHeight = info.srcWidth / trgRatio
info.srcX = (file.width - info.srcWidth) / 2
info.srcY = (file.height - info.srcHeight) / 2
return info
Those functions register themselves to the events on init and handle all
the user interface specific stuff. Overwriting them won't break the upload
but can break the way it's displayed.
You can overwrite them if you don't like the default behavior. If you just
want to add an additional event handler, register it on the dropzone object
and don't overwrite those options.
# Those are self explanatory and simply concern the DragnDrop.
drop: (e) -> @element.classList.remove "dz-drag-hover"
dragstart: noop
dragend: (e) -> @element.classList.remove "dz-drag-hover"
dragenter: (e) -> @element.classList.add "dz-drag-hover"
dragover: (e) -> @element.classList.add "dz-drag-hover"
dragleave: (e) -> @element.classList.remove "dz-drag-hover"
paste: noop
# Called whenever there are no files left in the dropzone anymore, and the
# dropzone should be displayed as if in the initial state.
reset: ->
@element.classList.remove "dz-started"
# Called when a file is added to the queue
# Receives `file`
addedfile: (file) ->
@element.classList.add "dz-started" if @element == @previewsContainer
if @previewsContainer
file.previewElement = Dropzone.createElement @options.previewTemplate.trim()
file.previewTemplate = file.previewElement # Backwards compatibility
@previewsContainer.appendChild file.previewElement
node.textContent = @_renameFilename(, file) for node in file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-name]")
node.innerHTML = @filesize file.size for node in file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-size]")
if @options.addRemoveLinks
file._removeLink = Dropzone.createElement """<a class="dz-remove" href="javascript:undefined;" data-dz-remove>#{@options.dictRemoveFile}</a>"""
file.previewElement.appendChild file._removeLink
removeFileEvent = (e) =>
if file.status == Dropzone.UPLOADING
Dropzone.confirm @options.dictCancelUploadConfirmation, => @removeFile file
if @options.dictRemoveFileConfirmation
Dropzone.confirm @options.dictRemoveFileConfirmation, => @removeFile file
@removeFile file
removeLink.addEventListener "click", removeFileEvent for removeLink in file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-remove]")
# Called whenever a file is removed.
removedfile: (file) ->
file.previewElement?.parentNode.removeChild file.previewElement if file.previewElement
# Called when a thumbnail has been generated
# Receives `file` and `dataUrl`
thumbnail: (file, dataUrl) ->
if file.previewElement
file.previewElement.classList.remove "dz-file-preview"
for thumbnailElement in file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-thumbnail]")
thumbnailElement.alt =
thumbnailElement.src = dataUrl
setTimeout (=> file.previewElement.classList.add "dz-image-preview"), 1
# Called whenever an error occurs
# Receives `file` and `message`
error: (file, message) ->
if file.previewElement
file.previewElement.classList.add "dz-error"
message = message.error if typeof message != "String" and message.error
node.textContent = message for node in file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-errormessage]")
errormultiple: noop
# Called when a file gets processed. Since there is a cue, not all added
# files are processed immediately.
# Receives `file`
processing: (file) ->
if file.previewElement
file.previewElement.classList.add "dz-processing"
file._removeLink.textContent = @options.dictCancelUpload if file._removeLink
processingmultiple: noop
# Called whenever the upload progress gets updated.
# Receives `file`, `progress` (percentage 0-100) and `bytesSent`.
# To get the total number of bytes of the file, use `file.size`
uploadprogress: (file, progress, bytesSent) ->
if file.previewElement
for node in file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-uploadprogress]")
if node.nodeName is 'PROGRESS'
node.value = progress
else = "#{progress}%"
# Called whenever the total upload progress gets updated.
# Called with totalUploadProgress (0-100), totalBytes and totalBytesSent
totaluploadprogress: noop
# Called just before the file is sent. Gets the `xhr` object as second
# parameter, so you can modify it (for example to add a CSRF token) and a
# `formData` object to add additional information.
sending: noop
sendingmultiple: noop
# When the complete upload is finished and successful
# Receives `file`
success: (file) ->
file.previewElement.classList.add "dz-success" if file.previewElement
successmultiple: noop
# When the upload is canceled.
canceled: (file) -> @emit "error", file, "Upload canceled."
canceledmultiple: noop
# When the upload is finished, either with success or an error.
# Receives `file`
complete: (file) ->
file._removeLink.textContent = @options.dictRemoveFile if file._removeLink
file.previewElement.classList.add "dz-complete" if file.previewElement
completemultiple: noop
maxfilesexceeded: noop
maxfilesreached: noop
queuecomplete: noop
addedfiles: noop
# This template will be chosen when a new file is dropped.
previewTemplate: """
<div class="dz-preview dz-file-preview">
<div class="dz-image"><img data-dz-thumbnail /></div>
<div class="dz-details">
<div class="dz-size"><span data-dz-size></span></div>
<div class="dz-filename"><span data-dz-name></span></div>
<div class="dz-progress"><span class="dz-upload" data-dz-uploadprogress></span></div>
<div class="dz-error-message"><span data-dz-errormessage></span></div>
<div class="dz-success-mark">
<svg width="54px" height="54px" viewBox="0 0 54 54" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:sketch="">
<g id="Page-1" stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd" sketch:type="MSPage">
<path d="M23.5,31.8431458 L17.5852419,25.9283877 C16.0248253,24.3679711 13.4910294,24.366835 11.9289322,25.9289322 C10.3700136,27.4878508 10.3665912,30.0234455 11.9283877,31.5852419 L20.4147581,40.0716123 C20.5133999,40.1702541 20.6159315,40.2626649 20.7218615,40.3488435 C22.2835669,41.8725651 24.794234,41.8626202 26.3461564,40.3106978 L43.3106978,23.3461564 C44.8771021,21.7797521 44.8758057,19.2483887 43.3137085,17.6862915 C41.7547899,16.1273729 39.2176035,16.1255422 37.6538436,17.6893022 L23.5,31.8431458 Z M27,53 C41.3594035,53 53,41.3594035 53,27 C53,12.6405965 41.3594035,1 27,1 C12.6405965,1 1,12.6405965 1,27 C1,41.3594035 12.6405965,53 27,53 Z" id="Oval-2" stroke-opacity="0.198794158" stroke="#747474" fill-opacity="0.816519475" fill="#FFFFFF" sketch:type="MSShapeGroup"></path>
<div class="dz-error-mark">
<svg width="54px" height="54px" viewBox="0 0 54 54" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:sketch="">
<g id="Page-1" stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd" sketch:type="MSPage">
<g id="Check-+-Oval-2" sketch:type="MSLayerGroup" stroke="#747474" stroke-opacity="0.198794158" fill="#FFFFFF" fill-opacity="0.816519475">
<path d="M32.6568542,29 L38.3106978,23.3461564 C39.8771021,21.7797521 39.8758057,19.2483887 38.3137085,17.6862915 C36.7547899,16.1273729 34.2176035,16.1255422 32.6538436,17.6893022 L27,23.3431458 L21.3461564,17.6893022 C19.7823965,16.1255422 17.2452101,16.1273729 15.6862915,17.6862915 C14.1241943,19.2483887 14.1228979,21.7797521 15.6893022,23.3461564 L21.3431458,29 L15.6893022,34.6538436 C14.1228979,36.2202479 14.1241943,38.7516113 15.6862915,40.3137085 C17.2452101,41.8726271 19.7823965,41.8744578 21.3461564,40.3106978 L27,34.6568542 L32.6538436,40.3106978 C34.2176035,41.8744578 36.7547899,41.8726271 38.3137085,40.3137085 C39.8758057,38.7516113 39.8771021,36.2202479 38.3106978,34.6538436 L32.6568542,29 Z M27,53 C41.3594035,53 53,41.3594035 53,27 C53,12.6405965 41.3594035,1 27,1 C12.6405965,1 1,12.6405965 1,27 C1,41.3594035 12.6405965,53 27,53 Z" id="Oval-2" sketch:type="MSShapeGroup"></path>
# global utility
extend = (target, objects...) ->
for object in objects
target[key] = val for key, val of object
constructor: (@element, options) ->
# For backwards compatibility since the version was in the prototype previously
@version = Dropzone.version
@defaultOptions.previewTemplate = @defaultOptions.previewTemplate.replace /\n*/g, ""
@clickableElements = [ ]
@listeners = [ ]
@files = [] # All files
@element = document.querySelector @element if typeof @element == "string"
# Not checking if instance of HTMLElement or Element since IE9 is extremely weird.
throw new Error "Invalid dropzone element." unless @element and @element.nodeType?
throw new Error "Dropzone already attached." if @element.dropzone
# Now add this dropzone to the instances.
Dropzone.instances.push @
# Put the dropzone inside the element itself.
@element.dropzone = @
elementOptions = Dropzone.optionsForElement(@element) ? { }
@options = extend { }, @defaultOptions, elementOptions, options ? { }
# If the browser failed, just call the fallback and leave
return this if @options.forceFallback or !Dropzone.isBrowserSupported()
# @options.url = @element.getAttribute "action" unless @options.url?
@options.url = @element.getAttribute "action" unless @options.url?
throw new Error "No URL provided." unless @options.url
throw new Error "You can't provide both 'acceptedFiles' and 'acceptedMimeTypes'. 'acceptedMimeTypes' is deprecated." if @options.acceptedFiles and @options.acceptedMimeTypes
# Backwards compatibility
if @options.acceptedMimeTypes
@options.acceptedFiles = @options.acceptedMimeTypes
delete @options.acceptedMimeTypes
@options.method = @options.method.toUpperCase()
if (fallback = @getExistingFallback()) and fallback.parentNode
# Remove the fallback
fallback.parentNode.removeChild fallback
# Display previews in the previewsContainer element or the Dropzone element unless explicitly set to false
if @options.previewsContainer != false
if @options.previewsContainer
@previewsContainer = Dropzone.getElement @options.previewsContainer, "previewsContainer"
@previewsContainer = @element
if @options.clickable
if @options.clickable == yes
@clickableElements = [ @element ]
@clickableElements = Dropzone.getElements @options.clickable, "clickable"
# Returns all files that have been accepted
getAcceptedFiles: -> file for file in @files when file.accepted
# Returns all files that have been rejected
# Not sure when that's going to be useful, but added for completeness.
getRejectedFiles: -> file for file in @files when not file.accepted
getFilesWithStatus: (status) -> file for file in @files when file.status == status
# Returns all files that are in the queue
getQueuedFiles: -> @getFilesWithStatus Dropzone.QUEUED
getUploadingFiles: -> @getFilesWithStatus Dropzone.UPLOADING
getAddedFiles: -> @getFilesWithStatus Dropzone.ADDED
# Files that are either queued or uploading
getActiveFiles: -> file for file in @files when file.status == Dropzone.UPLOADING or file.status == Dropzone.QUEUED
init: ->
# In case it isn't set already
@element.setAttribute("enctype", "multipart/form-data") if @element.tagName == "form"
if @element.classList.contains("dropzone") and !@element.querySelector(".dz-message")
@element.appendChild Dropzone.createElement """<div class="dz-default dz-message"><span>#{@options.dictDefaultMessage}</span></div>"""
if @clickableElements.length
setupHiddenFileInput = =>
@hiddenFileInput.parentNode.removeChild @hiddenFileInput if @hiddenFileInput
@hiddenFileInput = document.createElement "input"
@hiddenFileInput.setAttribute "type", "file"
@hiddenFileInput.setAttribute "multiple", "multiple" if !@options.maxFiles? || @options.maxFiles > 1
@hiddenFileInput.className = "dz-hidden-input"
@hiddenFileInput.setAttribute "accept", @options.acceptedFiles if @options.acceptedFiles?
@hiddenFileInput.setAttribute "capture", @options.capture if @options.capture?
# Not setting `display="none"` because some browsers don't accept clicks
# on elements that aren't displayed. = "hidden" = "absolute" = "0" = "0" = "0" = "0"
document.querySelector(@options.hiddenInputContainer).appendChild @hiddenFileInput
@hiddenFileInput.addEventListener "change", =>
files = @hiddenFileInput.files
@addFile file for file in files if files.length
@emit "addedfiles", files
@URL = window.URL ? window.webkitURL
# Setup all event listeners on the Dropzone object itself.
# They're not in @setupEventListeners() because they shouldn't be removed
# again when the dropzone gets disabled.
@on eventName, @options[eventName] for eventName in @events
@on "uploadprogress", => @updateTotalUploadProgress()
@on "removedfile", => @updateTotalUploadProgress()
@on "canceled", (file) => @emit "complete", file
# Emit a `queuecomplete` event if all files finished uploading.
@on "complete", (file) =>
if @getAddedFiles().length == 0 and @getUploadingFiles().length == 0 and @getQueuedFiles().length == 0
# This needs to be deferred so that `queuecomplete` really triggers after `complete`
setTimeout (=> @emit "queuecomplete"), 0
noPropagation = (e) ->
if e.preventDefault
e.returnValue = false
# Create the listeners
@listeners = [
element: @element
"dragstart": (e) =>
@emit "dragstart", e
"dragenter": (e) =>
noPropagation e
@emit "dragenter", e
"dragover": (e) =>
# Makes it possible to drag files from chrome's download bar
# Try is required to prevent bug in Internet Explorer 11 (SCRIPT65535 exception)
try efct = e.dataTransfer.effectAllowed
e.dataTransfer.dropEffect = if 'move' == efct or 'linkMove' == efct then 'move' else 'copy'
noPropagation e
@emit "dragover", e
"dragleave": (e) =>
@emit "dragleave", e
"drop": (e) =>
noPropagation e
@drop e
"dragend": (e) =>
@emit "dragend", e
# This is disabled right now, because the browsers don't implement it properly.
# "paste": (e) =>
# noPropagation e
# @paste e
@clickableElements.forEach (clickableElement) =>
element: clickableElement
"click": (evt) =>
# Only the actual dropzone or the message element should trigger file selection
if (clickableElement != @element) or ( == @element or Dropzone.elementInside, @element.querySelector ".dz-message") # Forward the click
return true
@enable() @
# Not fully tested yet
destroy: ->
@removeAllFiles true
if @hiddenFileInput?.parentNode
@hiddenFileInput.parentNode.removeChild @hiddenFileInput
@hiddenFileInput = null
delete @element.dropzone
Dropzone.instances.splice Dropzone.instances.indexOf(this), 1
updateTotalUploadProgress: ->
totalBytesSent = 0
totalBytes = 0
activeFiles = @getActiveFiles()
if activeFiles.length
for file in @getActiveFiles()
totalBytesSent += file.upload.bytesSent
totalBytes +=
totalUploadProgress = 100 * totalBytesSent / totalBytes
totalUploadProgress = 100
@emit "totaluploadprogress", totalUploadProgress, totalBytes, totalBytesSent
# @options.paramName can be a function taking one parameter rather than a string.
# A parameter name for a file is obtained simply by calling this with an index number.
_getParamName: (n) ->
if typeof @options.paramName is "function"
@options.paramName n
"#{@options.paramName}#{if @options.uploadMultiple then "[#{n}]" else ""}"
# If @options.renameFilename is a function,
# the function will be used to rename the before appending it to the formData
_renameFilename: (name, file) ->
return name unless typeof @options.renameFilename is "function"
@options.renameFilename name, file
# Returns a form that can be used as fallback if the browser does not support DragnDrop
# If the dropzone is already a form, only the input field and button are returned. Otherwise a complete form element is provided.
# This code has to pass in IE7 :(
getFallbackForm: ->
return existingFallback if existingFallback = @getExistingFallback()
fieldsString = """<div class="dz-fallback">"""
fieldsString += """<p>#{@options.dictFallbackText}</p>""" if @options.dictFallbackText
fieldsString += """<input type="file" name="#{@_getParamName 0}" #{if @options.uploadMultiple then 'multiple="multiple"' } /><input type="submit" value="Upload!"></div>"""
fields = Dropzone.createElement fieldsString
if @element.tagName isnt "FORM"
form = Dropzone.createElement("""<form action="#{@options.url}" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="#{@options.method}"></form>""")
form.appendChild fields
# Make sure that the enctype and method attributes are set properly
@element.setAttribute "enctype", "multipart/form-data"
@element.setAttribute "method", @options.method
form ? fields
# Returns the fallback elements if they exist already
# This code has to pass in IE7 :(
getExistingFallback: ->
getFallback = (elements) -> return el for el in elements when /(^| )fallback($| )/.test el.className
for tagName in [ "div", "form" ]
return fallback if fallback = getFallback @element.getElementsByTagName tagName
# Activates all listeners stored in @listeners
setupEventListeners: ->
for elementListeners in @listeners
elementListeners.element.addEventListener event, listener, false for event, listener of
# Deactivates all listeners stored in @listeners
removeEventListeners: ->
for elementListeners in @listeners
elementListeners.element.removeEventListener event, listener, false for event, listener of
# Removes all event listeners and cancels all files in the queue or being processed.
disable: ->
@clickableElements.forEach (element) -> element.classList.remove "dz-clickable"
@cancelUpload file for file in @files
enable: ->
@clickableElements.forEach (element) -> element.classList.add "dz-clickable"
# Returns a nicely formatted filesize
filesize: (size) ->
selectedSize = 0
selectedUnit = "b"
if size > 0
units = [ 'TB', 'GB', 'MB', 'KB', 'b' ]
for unit, i in units
cutoff = Math.pow(@options.filesizeBase, 4 - i) / 10
if size >= cutoff
selectedSize = size / Math.pow(@options.filesizeBase, 4 - i)
selectedUnit = unit
selectedSize = Math.round(10 * selectedSize) / 10 # Cutting of digits
"<strong>#{selectedSize}</strong> #{selectedUnit}"
# Adds or removes the `dz-max-files-reached` class from the form.
_updateMaxFilesReachedClass: ->
if @options.maxFiles? and @getAcceptedFiles().length >= @options.maxFiles
@emit 'maxfilesreached', @files if @getAcceptedFiles().length == @options.maxFiles
@element.classList.add "dz-max-files-reached"
@element.classList.remove "dz-max-files-reached"
drop: (e) ->
return unless e.dataTransfer
@emit "drop", e
files = e.dataTransfer.files
@emit "addedfiles", files
# Even if it's a folder, files.length will contain the folders.
if files.length
items = e.dataTransfer.items
if items and items.length and (items[0].webkitGetAsEntry?)
# The browser supports dropping of folders, so handle items instead of files
@_addFilesFromItems items
@handleFiles files
paste: (e) ->
return unless e?.clipboardData?.items?
@emit "paste", e
items = e.clipboardData.items
@_addFilesFromItems items if items.length
handleFiles: (files) ->
@addFile file for file in files
# When a folder is dropped (or files are pasted), items must be handled
# instead of files.
_addFilesFromItems: (items) ->
for item in items
if item.webkitGetAsEntry? and entry = item.webkitGetAsEntry()
if entry.isFile
@addFile item.getAsFile()
else if entry.isDirectory
# Append all files from that directory to files
@_addFilesFromDirectory entry,
else if item.getAsFile?
if !item.kind? or item.kind == "file"
@addFile item.getAsFile()
# Goes through the directory, and adds each file it finds recursively
_addFilesFromDirectory: (directory, path) ->
dirReader = directory.createReader()
errorHandler = (error) -> console?.log? error
readEntries = () =>
dirReader.readEntries (entries) =>
if entries.length > 0
for entry in entries
if entry.isFile
entry.file (file) =>
return if @options.ignoreHiddenFiles and, 1) is '.'
file.fullPath = "#{path}/#{}"
@addFile file
else if entry.isDirectory
@_addFilesFromDirectory entry, "#{path}/#{}"
# Recursively call readEntries() again, since browser only handle
# the first 100 entries.
# See:
return null
, errorHandler
# If `done()` is called without argument the file is accepted
# If you call it with an error message, the file is rejected
# (This allows for asynchronous validation)
# This function checks the filesize, and if the file.type passes the
# `acceptedFiles` check.
accept: (file, done) ->
if file.size > @options.maxFilesize * 1024 * 1024
done @options.dictFileTooBig.replace("{{filesize}}", Math.round(file.size / 1024 / 10.24) / 100).replace("{{maxFilesize}}", @options.maxFilesize)
else unless Dropzone.isValidFile file, @options.acceptedFiles
done @options.dictInvalidFileType
else if @options.maxFiles? and @getAcceptedFiles().length >= @options.maxFiles
done @options.dictMaxFilesExceeded.replace "{{maxFiles}}", @options.maxFiles
@emit "maxfilesexceeded", file
else this, file, done
addFile: (file) ->
file.upload =
progress: 0
# Setting the total upload size to file.size for the beginning
# It's actual different than the size to be transmitted.
total: file.size
bytesSent: 0
@files.push file
file.status = Dropzone.ADDED
@emit "addedfile", file
@_enqueueThumbnail file
@accept file, (error) =>
if error
file.accepted = false
@_errorProcessing [ file ], error # Will set the file.status
file.accepted = true
@enqueueFile file if @options.autoQueue # Will set .accepted = true
# Wrapper for enqueueFile
enqueueFiles: (files) -> @enqueueFile file for file in files; null
enqueueFile: (file) ->
if file.status == Dropzone.ADDED and file.accepted == true
file.status = Dropzone.QUEUED
if @options.autoProcessQueue
setTimeout (=> @processQueue()), 0 # Deferring the call
throw new Error "This file can't be queued because it has already been processed or was rejected."
_thumbnailQueue: [ ]
_processingThumbnail: no
_enqueueThumbnail: (file) ->
if @options.createImageThumbnails and file.type.match(/image.*/) and file.size <= @options.maxThumbnailFilesize * 1024 * 1024
setTimeout (=> @_processThumbnailQueue()), 0 # Deferring the call
_processThumbnailQueue: ->
return if @_processingThumbnail or @_thumbnailQueue.length == 0
@_processingThumbnail = yes
@createThumbnail @_thumbnailQueue.shift(), =>
@_processingThumbnail = no
# Can be called by the user to remove a file
removeFile: (file) ->
@cancelUpload file if file.status == Dropzone.UPLOADING
@files = without @files, file
@emit "removedfile", file
@emit "reset" if @files.length == 0
# Removes all files that aren't currently processed from the list
removeAllFiles: (cancelIfNecessary = off) ->
# Create a copy of files since removeFile() changes the @files array.
for file in @files.slice()
@removeFile file if file.status != Dropzone.UPLOADING || cancelIfNecessary
return null
createThumbnail: (file, callback) ->
fileReader = new FileReader
fileReader.onload = =>
# Don't bother creating a thumbnail for SVG images since they're vector
if file.type == "image/svg+xml"
@emit "thumbnail", file, fileReader.result
callback() if callback?
@createThumbnailFromUrl file, fileReader.result, callback
fileReader.readAsDataURL file
createThumbnailFromUrl: (file, imageUrl, callback, crossOrigin) ->
# Not using `new Image` here because of a bug in latest Chrome versions.
# See
img = document.createElement "img"
img.crossOrigin = crossOrigin if crossOrigin
img.onload = =>
file.width = img.width
file.height = img.height
resizeInfo = @, file
resizeInfo.trgWidth ?= resizeInfo.optWidth
resizeInfo.trgHeight ?= resizeInfo.optHeight
canvas = document.createElement "canvas"
ctx = canvas.getContext "2d"
canvas.width = resizeInfo.trgWidth
canvas.height = resizeInfo.trgHeight
# This is a bugfix for iOS' scaling bug.
drawImageIOSFix ctx, img, resizeInfo.srcX ? 0, resizeInfo.srcY ? 0, resizeInfo.srcWidth, resizeInfo.srcHeight, resizeInfo.trgX ? 0, resizeInfo.trgY ? 0, resizeInfo.trgWidth, resizeInfo.trgHeight
thumbnail = canvas.toDataURL "image/png"
@emit "thumbnail", file, thumbnail
callback() if callback?
img.onerror = callback if callback?
img.src = imageUrl
# Goes through the queue and processes files if there aren't too many already.
processQueue: ->
parallelUploads = @options.parallelUploads
processingLength = @getUploadingFiles().length
i = processingLength
# There are already at least as many files uploading than should be
return if processingLength >= parallelUploads
queuedFiles = @getQueuedFiles()
return unless queuedFiles.length > 0
if @options.uploadMultiple
# The files should be uploaded in one request
@processFiles queuedFiles.slice 0, (parallelUploads - processingLength)
while i < parallelUploads
return unless queuedFiles.length # Nothing left to process
@processFile queuedFiles.shift()
# Wrapper for `processFiles`
processFile: (file) -> @processFiles [ file ]
# Loads the file, then calls finishedLoading()
processFiles: (files) ->
for file in files
file.processing = yes # Backwards compatibility
file.status = Dropzone.UPLOADING
@emit "processing", file
@emit "processingmultiple", files if @options.uploadMultiple
@uploadFiles files
_getFilesWithXhr: (xhr) -> files = (file for file in @files when file.xhr == xhr)
# Cancels the file upload and sets the status to CANCELED
# **if** the file is actually being uploaded.
# If it's still in the queue, the file is being removed from it and the status
# set to CANCELED.
cancelUpload: (file) ->
if file.status == Dropzone.UPLOADING
groupedFiles = @_getFilesWithXhr file.xhr
groupedFile.status = Dropzone.CANCELED for groupedFile in groupedFiles
@emit "canceled", groupedFile for groupedFile in groupedFiles
@emit "canceledmultiple", groupedFiles if @options.uploadMultiple
else if file.status in [ Dropzone.ADDED, Dropzone.QUEUED ]
file.status = Dropzone.CANCELED
@emit "canceled", file
@emit "canceledmultiple", [ file ] if @options.uploadMultiple
@processQueue() if @options.autoProcessQueue
resolveOption = (option, args...) ->
if typeof option == 'function'
return option.apply(@, args)
# Wrapper for uploadFiles()
uploadFile: (file) -> @uploadFiles [ file ]
uploadFiles: (files) ->
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest()
xhr.timeout = resolveOption @options.timeout, files
# Put the xhr object in the file objects to be able to reference it later.
file.xhr = xhr for file in files
method = resolveOption @options.method, files
url = resolveOption @options.url, files method, url, true
# Has to be after `.open()`. See
xhr.withCredentials = !!@options.withCredentials
response = null
handleError = =>
for file in files
@_errorProcessing files, response || @options.dictResponseError.replace("{{statusCode}}", xhr.status), xhr
updateProgress = (e) =>
if e?
progress = 100 * e.loaded /
for file in files
file.upload =
progress: progress
bytesSent: e.loaded
# Called when the file finished uploading
allFilesFinished = yes
progress = 100
for file in files
allFilesFinished = no unless file.upload.progress == 100 and file.upload.bytesSent ==
file.upload.progress = progress
file.upload.bytesSent =
# Nothing to do, all files already at 100%
return if allFilesFinished
for file in files
@emit "uploadprogress", file, progress, file.upload.bytesSent
xhr.onload = (e) =>
return if files[0].status == Dropzone.CANCELED
return unless xhr.readyState is 4
response = xhr.responseText
if xhr.getResponseHeader("content-type") and ~xhr.getResponseHeader("content-type").indexOf "application/json"
response = JSON.parse response
catch e
response = "Invalid JSON response from server."
unless 200 <= xhr.status < 300
@_finished files, response, e
xhr.onerror = =>
return if files[0].status == Dropzone.CANCELED
# Some browsers do not have the .upload property
progressObj = xhr.upload ? xhr
progressObj.onprogress = updateProgress
headers =
"Accept": "application/json",
"Cache-Control": "no-cache",
"X-Requested-With": "XMLHttpRequest",
extend headers, @options.headers if @options.headers
for headerName, headerValue of headers
xhr.setRequestHeader headerName, headerValue if headerValue
formData = new FormData()
# Adding all @options parameters
formData.append key, value for key, value of @options.params if @options.params
# Let the user add additional data if necessary
@emit "sending", file, xhr, formData for file in files
@emit "sendingmultiple", files, xhr, formData if @options.uploadMultiple
# Take care of other input elements
if @element.tagName == "FORM"
for input in @element.querySelectorAll "input, textarea, select, button"
inputName = input.getAttribute "name"
inputType = input.getAttribute "type"
if input.tagName == "SELECT" and input.hasAttribute "multiple"
# Possibly multiple values
formData.append inputName, option.value for option in input.options when option.selected
else if !inputType or (inputType.toLowerCase() not in [ "checkbox", "radio" ]) or input.checked
formData.append inputName, input.value
# Finally add the file
# Has to be last because some servers (eg: S3) expect the file to be the
# last parameter
formData.append @_getParamName(i), files[i], @_renameFilename(files[i].name, files[i]) for i in [0..files.length-1]
@submitRequest xhr, formData, files
submitRequest: (xhr, formData, files) ->
xhr.send formData
# Called internally when processing is finished.
# Individual callbacks have to be called in the appropriate sections.
_finished: (files, responseText, e) ->
for file in files
file.status = Dropzone.SUCCESS
@emit "success", file, responseText, e
@emit "complete", file
if @options.uploadMultiple
@emit "successmultiple", files, responseText, e
@emit "completemultiple", files
@processQueue() if @options.autoProcessQueue
# Called internally when processing is finished.
# Individual callbacks have to be called in the appropriate sections.
_errorProcessing: (files, message, xhr) ->
for file in files
file.status = Dropzone.ERROR
@emit "error", file, message, xhr
@emit "complete", file
if @options.uploadMultiple
@emit "errormultiple", files, message, xhr
@emit "completemultiple", files
@processQueue() if @options.autoProcessQueue
Dropzone.version = "4.3.0"
# This is a map of options for your different dropzones. Add configurations
# to this object for your different dropzone elemens.
# Example:
# Dropzone.options.myDropzoneElementId = { maxFilesize: 1 };
# To disable autoDiscover for a specific element, you can set `false` as an option:
# Dropzone.options.myDisabledElementId = false;
# And in html:
# <form action="/upload" id="my-dropzone-element-id" class="dropzone"></form>
Dropzone.options = { }
# Returns the options for an element or undefined if none available.
Dropzone.optionsForElement = (element) ->
# Get the `Dropzone.options.elementId` for this element if it exists
if element.getAttribute("id") then Dropzone.options[camelize element.getAttribute "id"] else undefined
# Holds a list of all dropzone instances
Dropzone.instances = [ ]
# Returns the dropzone for given element if any
Dropzone.forElement = (element) ->
element = document.querySelector element if typeof element == "string"
throw new Error "No Dropzone found for given element. This is probably because you're trying to access it before Dropzone had the time to initialize. Use the `init` option to setup any additional observers on your Dropzone." unless element?.dropzone?
return element.dropzone
# Set to false if you don't want Dropzone to automatically find and attach to .dropzone elements.
Dropzone.autoDiscover = on
# Looks for all .dropzone elements and creates a dropzone for them = ->
if document.querySelectorAll
dropzones = document.querySelectorAll ".dropzone"
dropzones = [ ]
# IE :(
checkElements = (elements) ->
for el in elements
dropzones.push el if /(^| )dropzone($| )/.test el.className
checkElements document.getElementsByTagName "div"
checkElements document.getElementsByTagName "form"
for dropzone in dropzones
# Create a dropzone unless auto discover has been disabled for specific element
new Dropzone dropzone unless Dropzone.optionsForElement(dropzone) == false
# Since the whole Drag'n'Drop API is pretty new, some browsers implement it,
# but not correctly.
# So I created a blacklist of userAgents. Yes, yes. Browser sniffing, I know.
# But what to do when browsers *theoretically* support an API, but crash
# when using it.
# This is a list of regular expressions tested against navigator.userAgent
# ** It should only be used on browser that *do* support the API, but
# incorrectly **
Dropzone.blacklistedBrowsers = [
# The mac os version of opera 12 seems to have a problem with the File drag'n'drop API.
# /MSIE\ 10/i
# Checks if the browser is supported
Dropzone.isBrowserSupported = ->
capableBrowser = yes
if window.File and window.FileReader and window.FileList and window.Blob and window.FormData and document.querySelector
unless "classList" of document.createElement "a"
capableBrowser = no
# The browser supports the API, but may be blacklisted.
for regex in Dropzone.blacklistedBrowsers
if regex.test navigator.userAgent
capableBrowser = no
capableBrowser = no
# Returns an array without the rejected item
without = (list, rejectedItem) -> item for item in list when item isnt rejectedItem
# abc-def_ghi -> abcDefGhi
camelize = (str) -> str.replace /[\-_](\w)/g, (match) -> match.charAt(1).toUpperCase()
# Creates an element from string
Dropzone.createElement = (string) ->
div = document.createElement "div"
div.innerHTML = string
# Tests if given element is inside (or simply is) the container
Dropzone.elementInside = (element, container) ->
return yes if element == container # Coffeescript doesn't support do/while loops
return yes while element = element.parentNode when element == container
return no
Dropzone.getElement = (el, name) ->
if typeof el == "string"
element = document.querySelector el
else if el.nodeType?
element = el
throw new Error "Invalid `#{name}` option provided. Please provide a CSS selector or a plain HTML element." unless element?
return element
Dropzone.getElements = (els, name) ->
if els instanceof Array
elements = [ ]
elements.push @getElement el, name for el in els
catch e
elements = null
else if typeof els == "string"
elements = [ ]
elements.push el for el in document.querySelectorAll els
else if els.nodeType?
elements = [ els ]
throw new Error "Invalid `#{name}` option provided. Please provide a CSS selector, a plain HTML element or a list of those." unless elements? and elements.length
return elements
# Asks the user the question and calls accepted or rejected accordingly
# The default implementation just uses `window.confirm` and then calls the
# appropriate callback.
Dropzone.confirm = (question, accepted, rejected) ->
if window.confirm question
else if rejected?
# Validates the mime type like this:
Dropzone.isValidFile = (file, acceptedFiles) ->
return yes unless acceptedFiles # If there are no accepted mime types, it's OK
acceptedFiles = acceptedFiles.split ","
mimeType = file.type
baseMimeType = mimeType.replace /\/.*$/, ""
for validType in acceptedFiles
validType = validType.trim()
if validType.charAt(0) == "."
return yes if, - validType.length) != -1
else if /\/\*$/.test validType
# This is something like a image/* mime type
return yes if baseMimeType == validType.replace /\/.*$/, ""
return yes if mimeType == validType
return no
# Augment jQuery
if jQuery?
jQuery.fn.dropzone = (options) ->
this.each -> new Dropzone this, options
if module?
module.exports = Dropzone
window.Dropzone = Dropzone
# Dropzone file status codes
Dropzone.ADDED = "added"
Dropzone.QUEUED = "queued"
# For backwards compatibility. Now, if a file is accepted, it's either queued
# or uploading.
Dropzone.ACCEPTED = Dropzone.QUEUED
Dropzone.UPLOADING = "uploading"
Dropzone.PROCESSING = Dropzone.UPLOADING # alias
Dropzone.CANCELED = "canceled"
Dropzone.ERROR = "error"
Dropzone.SUCCESS = "success"
Bugfix for iOS 6 and 7
based on the work of
# Detecting vertical squash in loaded image.
# Fixes a bug which squash image vertically while drawing into canvas for some images.
# This is a bug in iOS6 devices. This function from
detectVerticalSquash = (img) ->
iw = img.naturalWidth
ih = img.naturalHeight
canvas = document.createElement("canvas")
canvas.width = 1
canvas.height = ih
ctx = canvas.getContext("2d")
ctx.drawImage img, 0, 0
data = ctx.getImageData(0, 0, 1, ih).data
# search image edge pixel position in case it is squashed vertically.
sy = 0
ey = ih
py = ih
while py > sy
alpha = data[(py - 1) * 4 + 3]
if alpha is 0 then ey = py else sy = py
py = (ey + sy) >> 1
ratio = (py / ih)
if (ratio is 0) then 1 else ratio
# A replacement for context.drawImage
# (args are for source and destination).
drawImageIOSFix = (ctx, img, sx, sy, sw, sh, dx, dy, dw, dh) ->
vertSquashRatio = detectVerticalSquash img
ctx.drawImage img, sx, sy, sw, sh, dx, dy, dw, dh / vertSquashRatio
# contentloaded.js
# Author: Diego Perini (diego.perini at
# Summary: cross-browser wrapper for DOMContentLoaded
# Updated: 20101020
# License: MIT
# Version: 1.2
# URL:
# @win window reference
# @fn function reference
contentLoaded = (win, fn) ->
done = false
top = true
doc = win.document
root = doc.documentElement
add = (if doc.addEventListener then "addEventListener" else "attachEvent")
rem = (if doc.addEventListener then "removeEventListener" else "detachEvent")
pre = (if doc.addEventListener then "" else "on")
init = (e) ->
return if e.type is "readystatechange" and doc.readyState isnt "complete"
((if e.type is "load" then win else doc))[rem] pre + e.type, init, false win, e.type or e if not done and (done = true)
poll = ->
root.doScroll "left"
catch e
setTimeout poll, 50
init "poll"
unless doc.readyState is "complete"
if doc.createEventObject and root.doScroll
top = not win.frameElement
poll() if top
doc[add] pre + "DOMContentLoaded", init, false
doc[add] pre + "readystatechange", init, false
win[add] pre + "load", init, false
# As a single function to be able to write tests.
Dropzone._autoDiscoverFunction = -> if Dropzone.autoDiscover
contentLoaded window, Dropzone._autoDiscoverFunction