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The fallback form should send the files via AJAX as well. #23

enyo opened this Issue Feb 6, 2013 · 15 comments

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enyo commented Feb 6, 2013
  • Check which browsers support the current upload form
  • Provide the current fallback (without AJAX) for the browsers that don't (if any)
@enyo enyo was assigned Feb 6, 2013
@enyo enyo referenced this issue Feb 6, 2013

Fallback Form #22


Ahi ahi... me too I would be greatly supported if the fallback FORM would upload through AJAX.
Unfortunately (?) I'm in a "Web Desktop Application" which is difficult to "keep and restore" its status after a refresh.

Any suggestion how to achieve a file(s) upload through the fallback form without switching page after clicking "submit" ?

Thanks a ton for the help! :_)

envision commented Aug 2, 2013

This issue is 6 months old, @enyo where are you on implementing AJAX fallback?


It's really an important issue, not being able to falling back to an AJAX classic file-type input for IE8 when JS is available. With this addition your plugin would be a no-brainer ;) Cheers!


Yes please, I agree @arcovoltaico! I have implemented a basic fallback that is IE8 proof but it was a whole lot of work. For example there was some quirk in the way IE8 handled some certain request data, I don't recall here what it was to be more specific.

I think my Dropzone implementation & customization took around 40-50 hours with cross-browser compatibility testing. Dropzone is awesome but I would really like see it developed further – or backwards ;)


Maybe it's time for a @envisio fork, isn't it? ;)

enyo commented Dec 20, 2013

I hear you. I'll try to make it part of the next release.


My code is far from polished as I'm not a plugin developer. I can share you my code though if it helps you with building a more awesome Dropzone release :) You may drop me an email for that, the address is shown in my profile page.


Really nice!! Thanks to both. I'll try to contribute when get more experience with this piece of cake ;)


Can you post an example how did you set your fallback?

strigga commented Dec 4, 2014

any news? is the fallback trough ajax possible?

enyo commented Dec 16, 2014

Not yet. I'll find some time during my christmas holidays to work on it.



Vodzo commented Jan 28, 2015





since there's no news about, i think one could load a fallback script - always for example - like with a jquery call $.getScript("jquery.form.js"), $.getScript("my-custom-ajax-fallback.js")...

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