Remove all files with one button

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This tutorial shows you how to create a button that will remove all files from a dropzone.

<form id="my-dropzone" action="/target-url" class="dropzone"></form>

<button id="clear-dropzone">Clear Dropzone</button>

<script language="javascript">

  // myDropzone is the configuration for the element that has an id attribute
  // with the value my-dropzone or myDropzone
  Dropzone.options.myDropzone = {
    init: function() {
      this.on("sending", function(file) {
        alert('Sending the file' +

      // Using a closure.
      var _this = this;

      // Setup the observer for the button.
      document.querySelector("button#clear-dropzone").addEventObserver("click", function() {
        // Using "_this" here, because "this" doesn't point to the dropzone anymore
        // If you want to cancel uploads as well, you
        // could also call _this.removeAllFiles(true);


Thanks to @trinione