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The latest stable version is always in the master branch (which always points at the latest version tag).

The latest development version is in the develop branch.

Use the develop branch if you want to contribute or test features.

Please do also send pull requests to the develop branch. I will not merge pull requests to the master branch.

Make sure that changes pass all tests.

Coffeescript & Stylus (-> Javascript & CSS)

Opentip is written in Coffeescript and Stylus so do not make changes to the Javascript or CSS files

I will not merge requests written in Javascript or CSS.

Getting started

You need node to compile and test Opentip. So install node first if you haven't done so already.

Building Opentip

First you have to setup the node modules to build Opentip. Simply run this in the Opentip directory:

$ npm install

This will setup Grunt so you can compile Coffeescript and Stylus and generate the download files.

To get a list of available commands use grunt -h.

The most important command is

$ grunt watch

This will observe any change to a coffeescript or stylus file and compile it immediately.

Please only submit commits with changed .coffee and .stylus files and do not include the compiled JS or CSS files.


To test the library make sure that the source has been compiled with grunt js (as mentioned before, use grunt watch to always stay up to date) and then either type npm test to run the tests on the command line, or open the file test/test.html in a browser.

It should look like this:

Tests screenshot

All tests are located in test/src and are written in coffeescript.

If you add a change, please make sure that all tests pass!