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ENYO-3875 When minified, forced language is not used (loaded to late...)

Symptom: Ares under its minified form does not use the forced language value to select the right translations resources. It uses the navigator's language as value to determine the tranlation to apply. But in dev-mode, it works well.

Workaround: Non-english translation resources have been deactivated by commenting their content.


Designer Drag&Drop feature works fine with Chrome Browser but is broken (at various levels) with other browsers.

npm libraries issues

Once Ares is updated with git and git submodule update, the node library must be updated with npm prune and then npm install.

After several updates, you may encounter errors with the server like start failure or project.json corruption. In this case, npm ls will return errors showing problems with the content of the node_modules directory.

These errors can be often be fixed by running npm prune. If not, you have to:

  • remove the whole node_modules directory
  • run git submodule update --init --recursive
  • run npm -d install.

PhoneGap Build

ENYO-3491 Generated QRcode to download app contains user's authentication token

Symptom: Ares Build status show a QRcode containing an URL that can be used to download an application directly on a mobile device. Currently, this URL contains the token of the developer's account. This raises a security issue as the user can then get access to the developer's account on phonegap until the token is revoked.

Workaround: Use the QRcode generated by Ares only for your tests. Send the QRcode generated by Phonegap to your users.

Function name collision between ace and state-machine

When ace is loaded before state-machine, a function name collision occurs and console will show the following message:

> dropping module because define wasn't a string. ace.js:1
> n ace.js:1
> (anonymous function) state-machine-2.2.0.min.js:1
> (anonymous function)

ace defines a global define function (either directly or by loading requirejs) and state-machine tests for the existence of this function before using it which leads to unexpected result.

The workaround is to load state-machine before ace so that define function is not called by state-machine in Ares index.html

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