Enyo Canvas library
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Enyo Canvas Library

Canvas is a UI library for Enyo 2.

This shows how to wrap the HTML canvas element as a enyo.Control, but have components as children of the canvas that are based on enyo.UIComponent so they're not their own DOM nodes.

  • enyo.canvas.Control - base kind for all renderable objects
    • enyo.canvas.Shape - base kind for all shapes (rectangle and circle)
      • enyo.canvas.Rectangle - render a rectangle
      • enyo.canvas.Circle - render a circle
      • enyo.canvas.Text - render a string of text with specified font
    • enyo.canvas.Image - render an image from a file

The library is mainly intended as a demonstration, rather than a complete tool for canvas manipulation, and there are no changes or additional features planned.


All samples reside in a consolidated sample app for Enyo and its libraries: enyo-strawman

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