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Ajax.go comment update

Updated Ajax.go comment to describe inParams uses

Signed-off-by: nicolas-rempulski <>
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nicolas-rempulski committed Nov 14, 2012
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@@ -31,7 +31,18 @@ enyo.kind({
//* @public
- Sends the ajax request with parameters _inParams_.
+ Sends the ajax request with parameters _inParams_. _inParams_ values can be either a **String** or an **Object**.
+ _inParams_ as an **Object** is converted into the url query string. For instance passing <code>{q: "searchTerm"}</code>
+ would result in the addition of the string **q="searchTerm"** to the current url query string.
+ _inParams_ as a **String** is used as the request body and trigger various behaviors depending on query **method**.
+ - GET method, as it has no body, translates it to a parameter. Thus <code>'q="searchTerm"'</code> translates into
+ **q="searchTerm** in the url query string.
+ - POST method uses the provided string as its body. But this one **will be overrided** by postBody value if it is set.
+ Use of _inParams_ as **String** is discouraged. Set **postBody** value to ensure the request body content and _inParams_
+ as an **Object** to set the query string.
go: function(inParams) {

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