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Enyo Minifier

The enyo minifier uses NodeJS, UglifyJS and the enyo dependency loader to compress any enyo package into a minimized form.


For convenience, there are both Windows and Unix versions of the script that invokes the node tool. They follow the same invocation:

path/to/enyo/tools/minify/ package.js -output /relative/path/to/build/dir/buildfilename

An example for lib/onyx, a UI widget set, run from lib/onyx/minify/, building to lib/onyx/build

../../../enyo/tools/minify/ -output ../build/onyx package.js

The last parameter in the output path, if not ending in a /, will be used as the name of the output build files. The package.js file must be in the same directory as the invocation.

For convenience, packages should include a minify folder with both a Windows batch and Unix shell script that runs the minifier.

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