Documenting Code

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Documenting Code

What to document

The Enyo API Viewer enables a live view of documentation drawn from the source code of Enyo core and its related libraries.

The API Viewer looks at all publicly visible kinds, functions, and properties, and displays them along with their documentation comments. In addition, the ancestry of kinds is shown, including inherited methods and properties.

When contributing a new kind, be sure to include a summary of the kind, along with documentation for all events, published properties, and public methods.

Also, to ensure that the viewer will be able to display your documentation, please follow the formatting guidelines outlined below.


All documentation for the viewer is written in Markdown, a lightweight formatting language.

Enyo uses a special commenting syntax that allows for differentiation between comments that are to be included in documentation and those that are not.

To have a Markdown-formatted comment appear as documentation in the API Viewer, add a * to the comment syntax:

  • Single Line Comment

    //* This is an Enyo Documentation comment in _Markdown_.
  • Multiline Comment

        This is an Enyo Documentation comment in _Markdown_ that spans
        multiple lines.


There are two visibility states in Enyo, denoted by pragmas that control the visibility of the properties they precede.

  • Public
    • Default status
    • Any public code will be shown in the API Viewer.
    • Pragma: //* @public
  • Protected
    • Hidden from the API viewer; usually functions and properties that are not meant to be modified.
    • Pragma: //* @protected


For guidelines on writing code, see the Coding Style Guide.