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Enyo 2.0 Release Notes

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Enyo 2.0 Release Notes

Welcome to Enyo 2.0. The following items have changed since the 2.0 beta 5 release. (Note that this list is not comprehensive; see the commit history in GitHub for a complete list of changes.)



  • The Bootplate template has been updated with the 2.0GA code and an improved API Viewer tool.


  • In enyo.platform, added a regex to detect desktop versions of Safari.
  • In enyo.RichText, fixed issue causing RichText objects to not be recognized as text fields.
  • Changed getSelected() to getValue() in the code sample from the opening comments in enyo.Select.
  • In enyo.TouchScrollStrategy, removed trailing comma from overscroll data.
  • In enyo.UiComponent, blocked resize events for hidden UiComponents.
  • In enyo.WebService, changed name of callback property to callbackName to match the name expected by JsonpRequest.
  • In the Playground sample, a missing style has been added to Playground.css.
  • In ScrollerSample, the Picker now listens for onSelect instead of onChange.


  • In enyo.Arranger, fixed several issues related to positioning and visibility. Also implemented destroy() for each of the Arranger kinds, so they leave child controls in a reasonable state when changing arrangers.
  • In FittableSample, fixed layout issues on iOS.
  • Added new FittableTests sample.
  • In enyo.List, fixed issue that could cause lists in nested panels to become unscrollable.
  • Fixed issue causing list-flickr example to not load on IE9.
  • In enyo.Node, added cross-platform CSS3 compatibility and an optional onlyIconExpands property.
  • In enyo.Panels, blocked resize events for hidden panels. Also eliminated visual artifacts (flashing) when deleting a panel.
  • Fixed titles in panelMatters.
  • In PanelsSample.html, added scroller to Arrangers menu to fix sizing issue in Safari on iOS; also fixed associated CSS file.
  • Fixed titles in PanelsSample.js. Also set arranger scroller size depending on media query (set max-height for smaller screens, allow natural sizing for larger screens).
  • In enyo.PulldownList, made Puller dynamically reference the list being pulled, allowing you to use multiple PulldownLists.


  • Added new widgets: Drawer, Item, Menu, MoreToolbar, Picker, FlyweightPicker, Scrim, Spinner, and Tooltip.
  • Added code samples for new widgets.
  • Changed onyx.MenuDecorator to allow menus, pickers, etc. to work inside MoreToolbar.
  • In onyx.Popup, added scrim support and z-index support.
  • Updated menus and pickers to use separate events for internal and client communication.
  • Updated code samples for numerous widgets, including ButtonSample, GroupBoxSample, InputSample, and PopupSample.


  • Fixed the minify.js build script for Node 0.8.2.
  • In AjaxTest.js, fixed testCors bad response in Firefox by using YQL API call instead of YouTube API call.


  • The documentation available in the API Viewer tool has been reviewed and significant additions have been made.
  • The API Viewer now shows the package a kind comes from at the top of the details view.

Known Issues

The following issues are under investigation for fixing in future versions of Enyo:

  • Many controls aren't working in Google Chrome for Android.
  • In Firefox, some draggable items don't behave properly if they're not in a control with the enyo-unselectable style applied. Instead of dragging, they show a content icon and continue to respond after the mouse button has been released.
  • In WebKit-based browsers, dragging in text fields can cause unscrollable divs (such as those used in panel arrangers) to scroll, causing the layout code to misbehave.
  • In Internet Explorer, controls are not marked as unselectable.
  • Nested onyx.Drawer controls don't open correctly.

For more information, see our bug database at

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