Enyo 2.0.1 Release Notes

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Enyo 2.0.1 Release Notes

Welcome to Enyo 2.0.1. The following items have changes since the Enyo 2.0 release. (Note that this list is not comprehensive; see the commit history in GitHub for a complete list of changes.)


  • Added enyo.load() API for loading files/packages at runtime.
  • Added enyo.singleton() API, which implements a singleton design pattern.
  • In enyo.Ajax, fixed issue causing failures when accessing file URLs via query string on Android. Also added optional mimeType property, which allows the MIME-Type of the XHR to be overridden.
  • In enyo.Async, made timeout a published property and added documentation for it.
  • In enyo.OwnerProxy, fixed issue affecting event bubbling for nested event handlers in a Repeater.
  • In enyo.Popup, added down event tracking to fix oddities in window dismissal behavior. Also added a listener for dragstart event to hide the popup if autoDismiss is true and the drag is outside the popup or its children.
  • In enyo.Scrim, added basic documentation.
  • In enyo.UiComponent, when adding a child component, you can now specify the position within the components list where it will be added.
  • Moved DOM measurement code from enyo.FittableLayout into enyo.dom to facilitate reuse.
  • In enyo.gesture, added code to improve behavior in IE8.
  • In enyo.platform, added chrome and androidChrome properties, referring to major version number of desktop Chrome browser and Android Chrome browser, respectively.
  • In 'enyo.kind', fixed error checking to detect errors using undefined kinds, and added error checking to detect not using new to call generated constructors.
  • Added a workaround for tap detection problems in the current Chrome for Android. The bug caused controls to be misidentified.


  • Fixed issue causing onyx.Button controls to not be styled correctly when contained within an onyx.Toolbar.
  • In onyx.Drawer, fixed issue causing nested drawers to not open fully.
  • In onyx.Icon, added a disabled state (with associated styling); modified onyx.IconButton to work properly with it.
  • In onyx.InputDecorator, added alwaysLooksFocused property.
  • In onyx.Menu, added automatic scrolling when menu contains more items than can be displayed on screen at one time. Also fixed an issue that could cause menus to be cut off on the left side.
  • In onyx.MoreToolbar, added clientLayoutKind property, which specifies layout scheme for client components. (Default is "FittableColumnsLayout".) Also added temporary fix for issues with the "more" button (i.e., the ellipsized popup).
  • Changed picker kinds (onyx.Picker, onyx.FlyweightPicker, onyx.PickerButton, onyx.PickerDecorator) to communicate via onChange events instead of onSelect events.
  • In onyx.ToggleButton, fixed issue causing multiple onChange events to be fired while dragging the toggle to change the value.
  • In onyx.css, added "onyx-dark" class for buttons. Also added styles to make progress animations Opera-compatible, and a style for ToggleButton opacity in IE8.


  • In enyo.Arranger, made sure that reflow() is called to set up bounds data structures before the arranger is accessed.
  • In enyo.FlyweightRepeater, added clientClasses and clientStyle properties to enable styling of wrapper component.
  • In enyo.LeftRightArranger, replaced use of opacity with support for z-index management.
  • In enyo.Panels, made isScreenNarrow() method public; also corrected name of property changed method for narrowFit property.


  • Added quotes around paths so that paths containing whitespace won't break deployment.


  • Added ability to inspect each sample in the console.
  • Removed deprecated samples.
  • Added Slideable sample to Sampler app.
  • Added workaround for tap recognition issues with Sampler app in Chrome mobile browser.
  • Fixed issue causing improper formatting of Sampler app source code when viewed in IE8.
  • Fixed possible infinite loop in GridArranger, which could cause "ArrangerSample" to freeze.
  • In "CanvasBallsSample", disabled propagation of drag events for the Input control where the number of balls is set.
  • In "CheckboxSample", fixed code for initializing checkbox state.
  • In "InputSample", added an onChange event handler to update the result field.
  • In "ListPulldownSample", removed ability to search on empty string.
  • In "ProgressSample", added examples of colored ProgressBar and Slider controls.
  • In "ScrollerSample", disabled panel dragging.


  • Updated API Viewer to show published properties as top-level items in kinds.
  • Added build/version information to API Viewer.
  • Fixed issue with minifier script's adding space when concatenating URLs.


  • Throughout the framework, added documentation for numerous events, published properties, and public methods that had not been previously documented.