Enyo 2.0b2 Release Notes

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Since our original 2.0 beta 1 release at the end of January, there have been a number of changes to the API in the Enyo code. Here's a summary of what has changed.


Package loader now handles empty library paths


Custom events have to have their value packaged in an object to allow annotation by the event handler system and to require the event handler prototype (inSender, inEvent). Before, we allowed events to be thrown with a random argument list.


  • add get/setNodeProperty method for accessing properties of a Control's DOM node
  • attributes are now handles like style and classes, allowing ones declared in the kind to be combined with the ones in the instance
  • new default onTap handler called "tap"
  • setting an attribute to null or empty string will result in it being removed

IE 8 compatibility changes for event dispatching

Scrollbar interaction fixes for dragging

Gesture events produced by Enyo now have a which property identifying the mouse button used (1 for left, 2 for middle, 3 for right). Touch-originated gestures will have which set to 1.


Event handlers for DOM events are no longer implicitly named as "handleEventName", but now are mapped through a handlers object, mapping event strings to handler methods.

Events now will bubble from children to parents and back down the system. See Event Handling for details.


Lots of updates to enyo.Scroller to work better on iOS and Android devices.


In preparation for our new Onyx UI widget set, we've been reimplementing a lot of the base user interface behavior and bindings associated with widgets into a new folder called "ui".