Enyo 2.0b4 Release Notes

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It's been five weeks since the beta 3 release, and we're now ready to package up a bunch of new work that we've been doing.

Major updates for the fourth beta:

  • new List control as part of the layout library for virtual lists with cross-platform touch scrolling support
  • considerable work on optimizing enyo.Scroller for mobile browsers, especially on Android
  • new sample application in the support repo: CryptoTweets, a cryptogram game showing use of web APIs via JSONP, Enyo events, and Onyx widgets
  • new PhoneGap support library in extra for hooking up PhoneGap/Cordova events into the Enyo event routing system


  • minifier scripts now check for output folder existing (thanks, Ian Beck)
  • calling this.inherited(arguments) when there's no base method no longer causes an exception
  • enyo.forEach and enyo.map now match the ES5 specification (thanks, Rick Waldron)
  • enyo.log now works from bound methods with no arguments.callee.caller value
  • enyo.bind uses native implementation when possible
  • new utility methods: enyo.filter and enyo.keys


  • enyo.Ajax has new xhrFields property to set properties of the inner XMLHttpRequest object
  • enyo.Ajax.xhr property now set with the the inner XMLHttpRequest object during requests
  • enyo.JsonpRequest moved from extra library into enyo

DOM & Events

  • enyo.Control no longer renders an orphan node when .render() is called before parent is created
  • enyo.Control removed the noDom property, now uses tag: null to indicate that no HTML tag should be generated.
  • onPostResize event added, fires after onResize to allow for a second round of resize processing
  • Enyo-generated onMove events now include delta and direction fields
  • flick gestures are now quicker
  • generated event method preventNativeDefault renamed to preventDefault
  • "tap" events now only generated for primary mouse button
  • support methods for CSS transformations were moved from Onyx into enyo.dom
  • "drag" events now have xDirection and yDirection fields


  • enyo.RichText now defaults allowHtml to true


  • .enyo-border-box CSS class added to set box-sizing method to border-box
  • .enyo-clip CSS class added to turn on overflow:hidden, used with .enyo-fit
  • Enyo now uses sans serif fonts by default: 'Helvetica Neue', 'Nimbus Sans L', Arial, sans-serif


  • scrollers on touch screens now show position thumbnails if "thumb" property set to true
  • enyo.Scroller.scrollToControl now has optional alignWithTop argument
  • new method enyo.Scroller.scrollToNode
  • new methods enyo.Scroller.scrollToBottom & enyo.Scroller.scrollToRight
  • scroller now works with mouse wheels in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • scroller now has a "touch" property used to enable touch-optimized scrolling
  • onScroll event works with ScrollStrategy.
  • Scroller: removed nofit setting and added maxHeight. Sometimes a scroller's height should be dynamic up to a maximum size. We now support this via an explicit maxHeight setting. The value is any valid css style for the max-height property.


  • onyx.Slider has a larger touch area for tap positioning
  • onyx.ToggleButton: no longer propagates drag events to parents when user drags the toggle
  • new .onyx-selected CSS class