Enyo 2.1.1 Release Notes

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Enyo 2.1.1 Release Notes

Welcome to Enyo 2.1.1. The following items have changes since the Enyo 2.1 release. (Note that this list is not comprehensive; see the commit history in GitHub for a complete list of changes.)


  • In msevents.js, rewrote event handling for IE10 to exclusively use new MSPointer events.

  • In platform.js and touch.js, added detection for Silk browser to fix compatibility issues with Kindle Fire HD.

  • In platform.js, added blackberry property, referring to major version number of BlackBerry OS; in Control.js and Scroller.js, made change to use JavaScript scroller instead of -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch on BlackBerry platform.

  • In Button.js, explicitly set the enyo.Button type to "button", since the default type ("submit") could cause unintentional form submission.

  • Addressed multiple issues relating to Ajax.js:

    • Added xhrResponse property to preserve status, header, and body data in case the request fails and is canceled.

    • Fixed issue causing bad "Content-Type" header to be sent when the request body is a FormData object.

    • Fixed issue that could cause parameters passed to go() to not be added to the query string.

    • Fixed new CORS problems in IE.


  • Modified DatePicker.js and TimePicker.js to use "en_us" as default locale if g11n library isn't loaded.

  • In PickerButton.js, added check for undefined content before call to setContent.

  • Added "onyx-menu-label" CSS class for onyx.Menu objects.

  • Removed focused inner-border style for onyx.Button objects in Firefox on Windows.


  • Added new ImageViewPin control, which may be used to display non-zoomable content ("pins") inside a zoomable ImageView control.

  • In Arranger.js, added workaround for click target issues when using CSS transforms to position panels in IE10.

  • In Panels.js, added code to skip removeComponent transition logic when a Panels object is destroyed, to prevent transition events from being sent to the application.


  • Fixed "GestureSample" to properly handle being relaunched.


  • Added new file deploy.js, a Node-based cross-platform app deployment script that supersedes the existing deploy.sh and deploy.bat. The latter two scripts continue to be available, although they are now simply wrappers for deploy.js. Updated Bootplate template to use deploy.js, while moving deploy.sh and deploy.bat to bootplate/tools directory.

    Note: the tools/deploy.sh/tools\deploy.bat script must now be run from the root of the bootplate project (prior to 2.1.1 it was run from within the tools folder).


  • Fixed display issues with API documentation for enyo.ImageView.