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Enyo Sampler for Android changelog

andrewrichpalm edited this page · 6 revisions

This Sampler features Enyo version 2.2.0.

Version 9: Updated the version of the Enyo libraries. See for Enyo 2.2.0 release notes.

Version 8: Updated the version of the Enyo libraries. Updated screenshots in the Google Play market.

Version 7: (unreleased)

Version 6: Removed unneeded Android permissions and hardware feature requirements.

Version 5: This update fixes an issue on tablets where the app would crash when the device was rotated.

Version 4: This update removes various Android hardware requirements which inadvertently limited the availability of the sampler app. It should now be installable on just about anything running Android "Froyo" or later, including Nexus 7 and other Wifi-only tablets.

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