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Server Considerations

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Server Considerations

This page documents specific issues seen when hosting Enyo applications on Web servers with certain configurations.


Enyo works well with most Web server configurations. However, the package loader code does rely on finding and updating specific script tags in your document in order to work correctly. The default configuration of the Apache module mod_pagespeed may alter script tags on pages it serves. Alterations may include combining multiple script files and inlining some of them into the HTML document.

For a deployed Bootplate application in which all of the JavaScript has been reduced to two files, this may not be a problem. However, during debugging, when you are loading multiple JavaScript files specified in your package.js files, this will cause problems. To disable the inlining of mod_pagespeed, you can change the script tag that pulls in enyo.js to have some inline data in the body of the tag, e.g., changing

<script src="enyo/enyo.js"></script>


<script src="enyo/enyo.js">NOINLINE</script>
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